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Van Helsing S03E10

Van Helsing S03E10: “Outside World” Overview

Van Helsing S03E10: “Outside World” --- Vanessa wanders…
VanHelsing S0309 kit

Van Helsing S0309: “Loud Love” Overview

Van Helsing S0309: “Loud Love” --- Phil wakes up from the…
Van Helsing S03E08 crooked steps

Van Helsing S03E08: “Crooked Steps” Overview

Van Helsing S03E08: “Crooked Steps” --- Vanessa and Scarlett…
Van Helsing s03e07

Van Helsing S03E07: “Hunted Down” Overview

Van Helsing S03E07: “Hunted Down” --- The Sisterhood, with…
phil fleischman

Vincent Gale as Flesh

Vincent Gale is a Scottish-born Canadian film and television…

Van Helsing S03E06: “Like Suicide” Overview

Van Helsing S03E06: “Like Suicide” --- Axel is tied up in…
Van Helsing S03E05 pretty noose

Van Helsing S03E05: “Pretty Noose” Overview

Van Helsing S03E05: “Pretty Noose” --- Vanessa, Scarlett,…
Van Helsing S03E04 sam mohamad

Van Helsing S03E04: “Rusty Cage” Overview

Van Helsing S03E04: “Rusty Cage” --- Sam is back at the…
van helsing s03e03 i awake

Van Helsing S03E03: “I Awake” Overview

Van Helsing S03E03: “I Awake” --- The Elder brings Vanessa…
van helsing s03e02

Van Helsing S03E02: “Super Unknown” Overview

Van Helsing S03E02: “Super Unknown” --- It is 1906. A couple…
Van Helsing S03E01 fresh-tendrils

Van Helsing S03E01: “Fresh Tendrils” Overview

Van Helsing S03E01: “Fresh Tendrils” --- It is 1986 at the…

Rukiya Bernard as Doc

Rukiya Bernard is a Canadian actress, producer, and interior…
missy peregrym as scarlett harker

Missy Peregrym as Scarlett Harker

Melissa “Missy” Peregrym is a Canadian actress and former…
Van Helsing S02E13 black days elder

Van Helsing S02E13: “Black Days” Overview

Van Helsing S02E13: “Black Days” --- Dmitri meets the Sisterhood’s…
Van Helsing S02E12 crooked falls

Van Helsing S02E12: “Crooked Falls” Overview

Van Helsing S02E12: “Crooked Falls” --- The Elder appears…
van helsing s02e11 be true

Van Helsing S02E11: “Be True” Overview

Van Helsing S02E11: “Be True” --- It is 2018 in Seattle.…
vanhelsing s02e10 base pair

Van Helsing S02E10: “Base Pair” Overview

Van Helsing S02E10: “Base Pair” --- A man walks through…
VanHelsing S02E09 wakey wakey scarlett axel

Van Helsing S02E09: “Wakey, Wakey” Overview

Van Helsing S02E09: “Wakey, Wakey” --- It’s 1996, a vampire…

Van Helsing S02E08: “Big Mama” Overview

Van Helsing S02E08: “Big Mama” --- Axel wakes up in the…
Vanhelsing everything changes

Van Helsing S02E07: “Everything Changes” Overview

Van Helsing S02E07: “Everything Changes” --- In a flashback,…
Van Helsing S02E06-Veritas Vincit

Van Helsing S02E06: “Veritas Vincit” Overview

Van Helsing S02E06: “Veritas Vincit” --- Susan appears in…

Van Helsing S02E05: “Save Yourself” Overview

Sam greets Vanessa. Vanessa hits him with an ax. Sam laughs…
van-helsing-season-2-ep 4

Van Helsing S02E04: “A Home” Overview

Sam wreaks havoc at the Randolphe Juvenile Detention Center.…
Van Helsing S02E03: “Love Bites”

Van Helsing S02E03: “Love Bites” Overview

It is 1936. Julius begs Mother Agatha to give him a few more…

Van Helsing S02E02: “In Redemption” Overview

Dmitri emerges from his bloody bath fully healed. Antonasia…
van helsing s02e01

Van Helsing S02E01: “Began Again” Overview

Somewhere far from the chaos, a woman rolls small maps to Crooked…
VanHelsing s01e13 it begins

Van Helsing S01E13: “It Begins” Overview

Dmitri holds Vanessa hostage at the citadel. He tells Vanessa…