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Van Helsing S03E10

Van Helsing S03E10: “Outside World” Overview

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Van Helsing S03E10: “Outside World” --- Vanessa wanders in the woods alone. She could not stop her guilt and the flashing images of the innocent man she killed in cold blood just to feed. The Oracle appears before her. “I come to those…
VanHelsing S0309 kit

Van Helsing S0309: “Loud Love” Overview

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Van Helsing S0309: “Loud Love” --- Phil wakes up from the dead. Julius lets him out from the morgue freezer and calms him down. “I’m alive,” Phil exclaims. I thought I’d be in the darkness forever, he adds. Julius asks Phil if…
Van Helsing S03E08 crooked steps

Van Helsing S03E08: “Crooked Steps” Overview

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Van Helsing S03E08: “Crooked Steps” --- Vanessa and Scarlett are on a quest to find the third Elder. They look into their family book for hidden clues as to his location but to no avail. Vampires attack their camp, but of course, they are…
Van Helsing s03e07

Van Helsing S03E07: “Hunted Down” Overview

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Van Helsing S03E07: “Hunted Down” --- The Sisterhood, with Ivory’s persuasion, accepts Scab to their order. Ivory performs an initiation rite to make Scab one of them. She puts a cross on his head, then cuts his manhood. Vampires attack…
phil fleischman

Vincent Gale as Flesh

Vincent Gale is a Scottish-born Canadian film and television actor born 6 March 1968. His most notable award is the Genie Award for Best Supporting Actor at the 2002 Genie Awards for his performance in the film Last Wedding. He is best known…

Van Helsing S03E06: “Like Suicide” Overview

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Van Helsing S03E06: “Like Suicide” --- Axel is tied up in the B'ah's lair. He watches as Patterson, the last of his new army friends, die horribly in the hands of the B’ah. The B’ah then tries to turn Axel into a vampire. Thanks to…
Van Helsing S03E05 pretty noose

Van Helsing S03E05: “Pretty Noose” Overview

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Van Helsing S03E05: “Pretty Noose” --- Vanessa, Scarlett, and Axel arrive in San Francisco. Doc, Jolene, Julius, and Flesh start a new life in Denver Safezone. Paterson, Raskin, and Mendoza narrate what happened to San Francisco since…
Van Helsing S03E04 sam mohamad

Van Helsing S03E04: “Rusty Cage” Overview

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Van Helsing S03E04: “Rusty Cage” --- Sam is back at the Juvenile Detention Center. He sits by the pool as he painfully reminisces about his time spent at the facility when he was a teenager. When his father left him at the facility, Sam…
van helsing s03e03 i awake

Van Helsing S03E03: “I Awake” Overview

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Van Helsing S03E03: “I Awake” --- The Elder brings Vanessa to the memory of the past. She wakes up confused and in a foreign land. She finds a girl training with a large dagger. Vanessa disarms her and pins her down. The girl tells her…
van helsing s03e02

Van Helsing S03E02: “Super Unknown” Overview

Van Helsing S03E02: “Super Unknown” --- It is 1906. A couple arrives at Renfield House. Lord Edward Hawkins checks in his wife, Lillian, in the asylum.  Before he goes, she gives him a vial necklace and orders him to give it to their daughter…
Van Helsing S03E01 fresh-tendrils

Van Helsing S03E01: “Fresh Tendrils” Overview

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Van Helsing S03E01: “Fresh Tendrils” --- It is 1986 at the Harkers' house. A couple brings the 5-year-old Scarlett and Vanessa. The Harkers choose to keep Scarlett. The little Vanessa does not understand why they had to leave Scarlett behind…

Rukiya Bernard as Doc

Rukiya Bernard is a Canadian actress, producer, and interior designer. Bernard was born in Toronto, Ontario, on January 20, 1983, to a Kenyan mother and Jamaican father. From a very young age, Bernard’s parents immersed her in sport and art…
missy peregrym as scarlett harker

Missy Peregrym as Scarlett Harker aka Scarlet Van Helsing

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Melissa “Missy” Peregrym is a Canadian actress and former fashion model. Missy Peregrym was born in Montreal, Quebec, on June 16, 1982, to Rev. Darrell Peregrym, a Pentecostal minister, and Vanessa Peregrym, a housewife. She currently…
Van Helsing S02E13 black days elder

Van Helsing S02E13: “Black Days” Overview

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Van Helsing S02E13: “Black Days” --- Dmitri meets the Sisterhood’s oracle, who will lead him to the lair of the Elder. He refuses to kneel before her, saying he only kneels to his betters. His condescending attitude does not last long…
Van Helsing S02E12 crooked falls

Van Helsing S02E12: “Crooked Falls” Overview

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Van Helsing S02E12: “Crooked Falls” --- The Elder appears in Scarlett’s dreams. He demands that she frees him now that Vanessa is gone. He says Vanessa’s light is no more, just mere shadows and silence. Scarlett swears to never set…
van helsing s02e11 be true

Van Helsing S02E11: “Be True” Overview

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Van Helsing S02E11: “Be True” --- It is 2018 in Seattle. Mohamad loots the bag of a dead person lying on the street. He sees a man about to be attacked by a vampire. He warns the man, but it’s as if he did not hear him. The man, nevertheless,…
vanhelsing s02e10 base pair

Van Helsing S02E10: “Base Pair” Overview

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Van Helsing S02E10: “Base Pair” --- A man walks through the woods to Crooked Falls. He follows the maps attached to the deflated red balloons. Unfortunately, he fails to reach his destination because a vampire attacks him. Vanessa sees…
VanHelsing S02E09 wakey wakey scarlett axel

Van Helsing S02E09: “Wakey, Wakey” Overview

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Van Helsing S02E09: “Wakey, Wakey” --- It’s 1996, a vampire arrives at the Hilltop Cafe. He orders a raw steak, asks for a glass, squeezes the blood out of the stake, and then drinks it. After his meal, he asks for the Harkers. The waitress…

Van Helsing S02E08: “Big Mama” Overview

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Van Helsing S02E08: “Big Mama” --- Axel wakes up in the field where they were knocked out by gas the night before.  Vanessa is nowhere in sight. He remembers what happened. He wakes Scarlett, Julius, and Doc up. They don’t know who took…
Vanhelsing everything changes

Van Helsing S02E07: “Everything Changes” Overview

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Van Helsing S02E07: “Everything Changes” --- In a flashback, Dmitri is running away from someone. But whoever is running after him catches up to him. “Van Helsing. So, we meet again.”, he says. Dmitri is locked up in the Farm. A…
Van Helsing S02E06-Veritas Vincit

Van Helsing S02E06: “Veritas Vincit” Overview

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Van Helsing S02E06: “Veritas Vincit” --- Susan appears in Vanessa’s dreams. She leads Vanessa to where the red door is --- it is on the Farm. She says truth is waiting for Vanessa behind the red door. Vanessa wakes up from her dream.…

Van Helsing S02E05: “Save Yourself” Overview

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Sam greets Vanessa. Vanessa hits him with an ax. Sam laughs as he runs. Vanessa pursues him. Meanwhile, Julius, Mike, and Ethan rescue the locked up teenagers. Vanessa continues in a cat-and-mouse game with Sam. Sam is having fun. He…
van-helsing-season-2-ep 4

Van Helsing S02E04: “A Home” Overview

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Sam wreaks havoc at the Randolphe Juvenile Detention Center. Dead bodies pile up on the floor, all of them with a missing finger. He sings while he makes a necklace out of his finger collection. Elsewhere, Vanessa ferociously fights against…
Van Helsing S02E03: “Love Bites”

Van Helsing S02E03: “Love Bites” Overview

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It is 1936. Julius begs Mother Agatha to give him a few more days to settle his account. He says his mother is everything to him and that she’s all he’s got. But the nun warns him that if he will not pay by morning, his mother will be discharged…

Van Helsing S02E02: “In Redemption” Overview

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Dmitri emerges from his bloody bath fully healed. Antonasia joins him. She assures him that all that he wishes, all that he desires, she will provide --- even Vanessa. Back at the citadel, the survivors are running to the woods where the…
van helsing s02e01

Van Helsing S02E01: “Began Again” Overview

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Somewhere far from the chaos, a woman rolls small maps to Crooked Falls and ties them to red helium balloons. Her companion asks her what she is doing. She explains that with the mountain crosswinds, helium balloons can travel for hundreds…
VanHelsing s01e13 it begins

Van Helsing S01E13: “It Begins” Overview

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Dmitri holds Vanessa hostage at the citadel. He tells Vanessa that something life-changing now begins and that he plans to learn everything there is to learn about her blood. He also reveals Vanessa’s true identity --- she is a Van Helsing. Dr.…