Van Helsing S02E13 black days elder

Van Helsing S02E13: “Black Days” — Dmitri meets the Sisterhood’s oracle, who will lead him to the lair of the Elder. He refuses to kneel before her, saying he only kneels to his betters. His condescending attitude does not last long as the oracle brings him to his knees. She shows him how to use the key to find the Elder’s crypt. She tells him only three may go. The oracle then starts killing Dmitri’s vampires.

Scarlett and Abigail journey toward the mountain where the crypt is located. Scarlett asks her mother what’s in her necklace. It’s the first Dark One’s blood, she answers. It was given to her just after her mother was killed by the Elders. Scarlett inquires what it is for, but Abigail does not know. She says she was experimenting on the blood when she was pregnant with Scarlett and Vanessa. Scarlett gets mad at her for exposing them to the blood. Abigail wants Scarlett to have the necklace, but Scarlett declines. She says she does not want it and that Abigail can give it to Vanessa.

Dmitri, Scab, and Ivory reach the mountain. Dmitri opens the gateway using the key.

Soon enough, Scarlett and Abigail arrive at the mountain. They see the key on the door and realize Dmitri came before them. Scarlett tests Abigail to see if she really is her mother. She asks her where the key was hidden at the Farm. Of course, Abigail knows where she hid it — behind the mural. They then enter the tunnel.

It’s a long and torturous journey towards the Elder. Scab, Ivory, and Dmitri see their greatest fears while Abigail and Scarlett see memories from the Farm, which led to them being separated. Abigail explains to Scarlett why she had left her and Vanessa.

Abigail and Scarlett arrive first at the entrance to the crypt. Dmitri is not long behind. Abigail tells Scarlett of the tale of the Elders. She says that if Elders are ever to re-join again, the coffin of the Dark One can be re-opened, and it will be the end of them all. Dmitri, Scab, and Ivory then arrive at the entrance. Dmitri notices Vanessa’s absence. He hopes that something horrible happened to her. He orders Scab and Ivory to take Scarlett and Abigail.

The mother and daughter showcase their exceptional combat skills and give the vampires a ferocious fight. But Dmitri manages to take Scarlett hostage. He threatens to kill her if Abigail won’t open the crypt. The crypt can only be opened by Van Helsing blood and in exchange for a life. Abigail, in fear of losing her daughter again, opens the crypt even if it will cost her her life. She tells Scarlett she always knew there was a price.

 “Freedom at last.” the Elder exclaims. Dmitri bows to him. The Elder recognizes Abigail and Scarlet and says they are Van Helsing but something else. Dmitri suggests he takes Abigail and Scarlett to regain his strength. The Elder approaches Scarlett and says the blood of the First flows through her veins. Dmitri recommends he takes Abigail as she is already dying. Just as when he is about to attack Abigail, Scarlett commands him to stop. Surprisingly, he heeds her command and bows before her. Scarlett gets confused. Abigail says the legend is true that when the Elder was captured, he was given a choice — fealty or death.

“Your blood is Van Helsing blood. I am sworn to protect it.” The Elder says. Until the Dark One is released from his prison or destroyed, I am your servant, he adds. Scarlett orders him to kill Dmitri to see if what he says is true. The Elder effortlessly crushes Dmitri’s head using his bare hands. He swears to never forgive Scarlett for making him do it.

Scarlett then orders the Elder to find Vanessa. He goes to do her bidding.

Abigail forces Scarlett to take her necklace before she loses consciousness. Scarlett makes her mother drink her blood in an attempt to save her.  

The Elder finds Vanessa lying unconscious in Blak Tek. He bites her. Vanessa wakes up, and her eyes turn red.

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