van helsing s02e01

Somewhere far from the chaos, a woman rolls small maps to Crooked Falls and ties them to red helium balloons. Her companion asks her what she is doing. She explains that with the mountain crosswinds, helium balloons can travel for hundreds of miles. The further they go, the more survivors can find the maps and navigate their way to safety. The man asks him again, “what’s the point?”. She answers him that if he was down there, under the clouds, running for his life every day, he’d want to know if there’s somewhere safe to run to.  But the man believes that vampires have killed everyone and rounded up everybody else to keep as food. He is convinced that there is no one running around down there. The woman asks him, “what’s wrong with hope?” and releases the balloons.

Back at the citadel, Rebecca holds Dylan. Vanessa talks to Dylan, telling her not to be afraid. Dylan answers coldly, saying she is not afraid. Vanessa tells Dylan to walk to her and promises that she will be safe. Rebecca whispers to Dylan. Dylan then accuses Vanessa of leaving her alone to die, and that Rebecca was the one who came for her and she’s the one who cares for her now. The disheartened Vanessa attacks Rebecca. A fight ensues. Vanessa brings Rebecca by the window as the sun rises. The sun starts to burn Rebecca’s face. Dylan attacks Vanessa, knocking her out.

Vanessa regains consciousness. She looks for Dylan. A feeder attacks her, but she kills it with her bare hands. She continues to look for Dylan.

Somewhere in the citadel, Flesh is fighting off vampires while looking for Vanessa. He meets a woman fighter named Lucky.

Taka holds Dmitri at gunpoint. Dmitri tries to negotiate with him. Taka tells him he wants Rebecca to make her pay what she did to him. The injured Rebecca overheard their conversation. She convinces Taka to kill Dmitri. Before Taka could kill Dmitri, Antonasia stabs Rebecca from behind. Dmitri grabs Taka by the neck and removes his throat with his bare hands. Antonasia tells the heavily injured Dmitri to feed on Taka while he is still warm. Dmitri does what he’s told.

Mohamad finds his sister Sheema pinned to the floor by a big pile of concrete. Mohamad tries to remove the concrete, but it is crushing Sheema. She tells him to just leave it. She asks Mohamad to find Rebecca and Dmitri and bring them to her. Sheema insists that it is the only way. Mohamad cannot believe her. She explains that ever since she was brought to the citadel and was given things, she wanted to become one of them, and it is all she thinks about anymore. Mohamad shakes his head in disbelief. Sheema begs him. He is left with no other choice but to stop her. Sheema dies in his hands. Vanessa arrives at the scene. She tells Mohamad that what happened to his sister is payback for what he did to her.

Flesh and Lucky are on the quest to blow the citadel’s generator.

Vanessa finds Dylan fighting off some men from the Resistance. Dylan kills one of them mercilessly. Vanessa tries to calm her down. Mohamad startles Dylan, and she took off. Vanessa punches him in the face and follows her daughter.

Dmitri and Antonasia escapes through a secret passageway.  

Dr. Shelomenko finds Rebecca’s body. He runs to his laboratory and burns his papers. Flesh and Lucky arrive. He pretends to be a victim, leads them to the stairs to the boiler room, and locks them there. Flesh and Lucky head down to the boiler room and succeed on their plan.

Vanessa and Mohamad look for Dylan, but they could not find her because the citadel is like a maze. Vanessa bites Mohamad and drinks his blood. It centers her, she explains. She can now smell Dylan.

Lucky and Flesh meet some men from the resistance. They find Taka and Brendan’s body. They then followed the trail of blood down the secret passageway.

Dr. Shelomenko looks for Dylan. He finds her hiding place and tries to calm her down. The doctor promises her that there will be no tests nor experiments today. He offers to take her to Rebecca and gives her blood to feed on.

Elsewhere, Julius hears the news about the citadel. He decides what he will do next.

Lucky’s group walk right into Antonasia’s trap. Only she and Flesh survive.

Vanessa finds Dylan captured by Dr.Shelomenko. The doctor reveals to Vanessa that Dylan cannot be turned into a human again because he experimented on her and altered her. He convinces Vanessa that Dylan will not survive without him. Dylan bites his hand. Vanessa shots him before he turned into a vampire. Before he takes his last breath, he warns Vanessa that if she bites Dylan, her daughter will die, too.

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