van helsing s02e11 be true

Van Helsing S02E11: “Be True” — It is 2018 in Seattle. Mohamad loots the bag of a dead person lying on the street. He sees a man about to be attacked by a vampire. He warns the man, but it’s as if he did not hear him. The man, nevertheless, swiftly kills the vampire with a baseball bat. The man turns and smiles at Mohamad — it is Sam.

During the night, Mohamad camps outside Sam’s building. He sees him by the window. Sam is about to hang himself. Mohamad runs inside the building to stop him. When he gets to his room, Sam already hanged himself. Mohamad then cuts the rope and asks him if he is alright. Sam tells him he cannot hear him because he is deaf. Mohamad uses sign language to communicate. He says he knows sign language because his grandmother was deaf, and she taught him. Sam asks him if they can be friends. Mohamad answers of course. Sam laughs happily.

Back to the present, Mohamad lies in bed shivering, while Sam watches him lovingly. Mohamad wakes up. He is not happy to see Sam’s face but is constrained to do their friendship sign. Friends, Sam mutters. Mohamad asks him where they are. Sam says they are home, and that he’s been waiting for him to wake up for the Turning. Mohamad vehemently tells Sam he does not want to turn. Sam tries his best to convince Mohamad. What stops him from biting Mohamad is the fact the Vanessa bit Mohamad back at the citadel. Sam is not pleased that Vanessa drank from his friend. Mohamad warns him that if he tries to turn him, he will go back to being human. “No. I will never be human again!” Sam exclaims. Sam then inspects Mohamad’s wounds. He assures Mohamad he will not die.

Sam brings dead squirrels to the cellar. He feeds them to his human prisoners. A girl then crawls out to get the squirrel. Sam grabs her hand and drags her to Mohamad. Sam refers to the girl as Mouse.

The girl introduces herself as Cara. She tells Mohamad that Sam told her to take care of him. Mohamad learns that Sam keeps humans in the cellar for food and that Cara’s job is to take care of them. She then cleans and sews Mohamad’s wounds. Sam wails in agony as he listens to Mohamad’s screams. The screams trigger Sam’s traumatic childhood memories. He covers his ears and sings to calm himself down.

Sam chains his prisoners in what used to be a playground. He drains their blood and harvests them using buckets.

Cara finishes stitching Mohamad up. She refuses to answer Mohamad’s questions. She also refuses to give him water. Cara says she cannot spare water as she needs to get out of the place. It is either escaping or death. Mohamad suggests a third option — to kill Sam.

Sam reminisces his childhood in the place where he grew up. He remembers how his father never let him play his favorite records. Sam says that his father was a man of strong decisions, good use of tools and that he found love. He then plays his favorite old dusty record. Sam picks up his prisoner and dances with him. He recalls that he was a shy boy and alone. He then feeds on his prisoner as he remembers the beating his father gave him as a child for killing a squirrel. “All I ever wanted is to be me and to be loved,” he adds. His prisoner dies in his arms.

In his memory, his father asks him what he did to deserve a son like Sam. The little Sam then grabs a knife and stabs his father’s eye. His father then hits his head with both hands, which resulted in him losing his sense of hearing.

Sam takes the cane his father used to hit him to the playground where he now holds his father hostage. He then beats his father to death.

When he returns to the house, Sam catches Cara trying to escape.  Mohamad attacks Sam from behind and chokes him with a string. Cara then stabs Sam in the chest. Unfortunately, Mohamad’s string breaks. Sam then grabs Cara’s throat. Mohamad takes all the blame and begs Sam to let Cara go. Sam grants Mohamad’s wish, and orders Cara to go. Cara runs towards the woods, while Sam tucks Mohamad in his bed. “Now it is time for the hunt. The mouse must be caught,” he announces.

Sam follows Cara’s trail into the woods. Meanwhile, Mohamad manages to break the floor and escapes from the house. Sam catches up to Cara. He drags her to the playground and ties her beside his father. Mohamad arrives at the scene and begs Sam. Sam stabs Cara to harvest her blood. He then grabs Mohamad by the throat. Mohamad challenges Sam to bite him so he can turn into a human again. Sam says he will bite Cara instead.

Mohamad stops Sam and reminds him that he owes him for saving his life on the day they met. “No. I saved you.” Sam answers. He confesses that hanging himself was a trap to lure Mohamad so he could kill him. Mohamad is distraught and furious by his confession. He says things that anger Sam. Sam then kicks him and bites Cara. Mohamad grabs Sam’s scissors and stabs Cara before she turns into a vampire. He says he is sorry. “It’s ok, it’s better this way,” Cara answers. He orders Mohamad to make sure she’s dead. Mohamad stabs her several times before she dies.

Mohamad blames Sam for making him kill Cara for nothing. Sam whines and says you did that all by yourself. Mohamad declares he will never be like Sam and stabs himself to death.  Sam runs to Mohamad and bites him in an attempt to save but he fails. He cries in agony while holding Mohamad’s dead body.

Sam brings Mohamad’s body to the chapel. He cuts his own index finger and adds it to his necklace before he hangs himself.  Mohamad then wakes up as a vampire.

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