Sam greets Vanessa. Vanessa hits him with an ax. Sam laughs as he runs. Vanessa pursues him.

Meanwhile, Julius, Mike, and Ethan rescue the locked up teenagers.

Vanessa continues in a cat-and-mouse game with Sam. Sam is having fun. He escapes from Vanessa.

Axel and Doc are still in the woods looking for Vanessa.

Julius and the rest of the Johnsons gathered all the survivors. They head back to their camp. Vanessa is determined to hunt and kill Sam. Julius realizes who his mother’s killer is.  He vouches to avenge his mother’s death by helping Vanessa.

Flesh, Mohamad, and Lucky are on a quest to find Vanessa. Flesh has visions in his dreams.

Vanessa and the group are back at the camp. The camp has been attacked by Sam. Vanessa decides to go after Sam. Julius offers to help her. But Vanessa leaves while Julius is sleeping. She talks to Felix and Troy on her way. Felix asks her who is Mohamad and if there is anything he can do to help kill Sam. Vanessa asks for his arm, cuts it, and then drinks his blood.  

Flesh, Mohamad, and Lucky stops at an abandoned cabin in the woods to rest. Lucky and Flesh act on their feelings for each other.

Axel is slowly dying. He still refuses to feed on Doc. Doc tries to reason out with him. Axel finally gives in. They stop for the night. Axel is doubtful that he would survive. He asks Doc to kill him if they don’t find Vanessa soon.

Dmitri receives the news of Antonasia’s death. He gets furious at Vanessa.

Vanessa finds Sam in an old church. A vicious fight ensues. Sam manages to stab Vanessa. He then chokes her and pins her to the wall. Fortunately, Julius comes to the rescue. Sam tells him how his mother died to distract him. Vanessa regains consciousness. Sam then runs to the bell tower. Vanessa and Julius corner him. Sam realizes that Vanessa drinks blood now. Vanessa answers that she will drink his blood next. Sam then throws himself out the window.

Doc wakes up in the middle of the night. She draws the vision in her dreams. Axel sees her drawing and says he knows where it is.

Dmitri arrives at Julius’ camp. He convinces Julius’s army to join him to find and kill Vanessa.

Sam survives the fall and escapes. Julius says they will track him. But Vanessa sees a vision. She sees the red door. And so does Julius.  They head to the red door instead of tracking Sam.

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