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Van Helsing S02E09: “Wakey, Wakey” — It’s 1996, a vampire arrives at the Hilltop Cafe. He orders a raw steak, asks for a glass, squeezes the blood out of the stake, and then drinks it. After his meal, he asks for the Harkers. The waitress gives him directions. He leaves after paying for his meal.

Back in the present, the police officers are no match to the Sisterhood. Scarlet breaks free and helps Axel, Doc, and Julius. They grab some weapons before they escape. The remaining deputy asks them to take him, and in exchange, he will help them get to Crooked Falls. They run as the Sisterhood enters the building.

Scarlett suggests they split up. She hands the key to Julius and asks him to guard it with his life. The vampires will never suspect him having it, she adds. She and Axel try to draw the vampires away. Julius, Doc, and the deputy head for the mountain. The Sisterhood follows Scarlett’s trail of blood. But Dmitri is smart enough to go the other direction.

A vampire attacks the deputy out of nowhere. Julius kicks the vampire. The vampire reveals himself — it is Walt. Walt attacks Julius, but Julius beats him to death. They discover that the deputy was bitten by Walt. Doc kills him before he could turn into a vampire.

A flashback shows a teenager Scarlett making out with a boy in his truck. The making out turns into a fight when he calls her Scary Scarlett. She ends up pointing a knife at his throat. He pees on his pants out of fear. He calls her crazy bitch before driving away. Scarlett blames her dad that everyone thinks they are freaks. She is mad at him for turning her into a social outcast because he thinks she needs to be a great vampire killer. She says vampires are not real then walk away.

The Sisterhood catches up with Axel and Scarlett. It turns out bullets do not work on 200-year-old vampires. Scarlett leads Axel into an old cemetery. The Sisterhood stops pursuing them. Scarlett explains that they won’t fight on hallowed ground. The sisters are pure evil, but they still honor the dead, she adds. They then run towards the woods.

Axel and Scarlett lost the Sisterhood. They need a place to rest. An abandoned armored truck comes to sight. They run towards it. The truck is filled with cash and a corpse, too.

Julius and Doc rest at a convenience store. Julius is not getting enough of the junk food. The chips’ flavors did not exist back in his day. “Who knew sour cream and onion would taste so good together?” he exclaims. Doc laughs at him.

The teenager Scarlett deals with her frustrations by practicing on her knife skills. The vampire from the diner appears and snarls at her. Her dad shows up just in time and shoots the vampire. He scolds Scarlett for hesitating to kill the vampire and orders her to kill it. Scarlett is scared, but she is forced to follow her dad’s instructions. The vampire tells her she is weak and warns her that more will come, and she will die. Scarlett cuts his head with a samurai.

Back in the armored truck, Axel asks Scarlett how did she get so Kung fu-ey. She shares how his dad trained her to kill vampires since she was a kid. Scarlett asks him about his story. Axel opens up about how he lost his sister when he was 13 years old. It is the reason why he never left Vanessa when she was sleeping back in the hospital. Their heart to heart talk turns into physical intimacy.

The Sisterhood catches up to them. The sisters cannot get inside, but they are surrounded. The vampires smoke them out, which gives them no choice but to go outside and fight.

Scarlet fights two of the sisters while Axel fights one. Axel’s body armor made of cash proves to be useful. One of the vampires invites Scarlett to join her and become a sister. Scarlett politely declines. Scarlett’s fighting skills are on par with two vampires. Axel manages to kill his opponent. Meanwhile, Scarlett gets bitten by one of hers. To her surprise, her wound heals instantly, and the one that bit her turns into a human. The remaining sister runs for her life. Scarlett thinks her ability to heal and turn vampires into humans started when Vanessa bit her. Vanessa’s bite wakes her Van Helsing blood.

Dmitri and Scab finally find Julius and Doc. Julius puts up a fight, but he is no match to Dmitri. Dmitri gains possession of the key. He lets Doc go and instructs her to tell Vanessa what happened. Doc runs, leaving the unconscious Julius behind.

Scarlett’s dad tries to make her understand that killing vampires is her purpose now. But the young Scarlett does not understand why they have to burn their house and disappear. Her dad explains that more vampires will come for her and that until she is ready, they have to make them think that she is dead. She sadly watches as the fire engulfs their house. Her dad swears that one day it will all make sense to her. They then go off the grid to continue her training.

Scarlett remembers the time when her dad told her that one day it will all make sense. But now that she knows more, the less that it makes sense. She says they have to find Vanessa. Axel agrees and says they have to, even if it kills him.  

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