van-helsing-season-2-ep 4

Sam wreaks havoc at the Randolphe Juvenile Detention Center. Dead bodies pile up on the floor, all of them with a missing finger. He sings while he makes a necklace out of his finger collection.

Elsewhere, Vanessa ferociously fights against vampires. Julius is worried about her. She is out of control, and it will get them both killed, he says. Vanessa, however, disagrees with him. Julius points out her inability to deal with the pain of Dylan’s loss. Vanessa punches him on the face.

Back at the detention center, Sam forces Felix to learn sign language. Sam is having a wonderful time toying with Felix.

Axel and Doc are still looking for Vanessa. They don’t know where they are going, but Doc feels that they are in the right direction. Axel is not well, but still, he refuses to feed on Doc. His vampire instinct kicks in. Doc ties him to a tree.

Julius shares to Vanessa his fond memories as a boxer in 1936. They come across a gruesome and savage breed of vampires, the skinners. Julius urges Vanessa to run as the skinners are worse than ferals. But they fall on a trap, and the skinners catch them. The skinners then tie Vanessa and Julius.

Sam chooses from among the youngsters he locked up. He chooses their leader, Ryan. Ryan begs for his life. Sam punishes him ten lashes in the arms, just like what Ryan did to Felix. Ryan begs him to stop. Sam stops with the lashing and feeds on Ryan instead. The horrified Felix tells Sam he wants to learn sign language.  “Good boy. Mohamad.”, Sam answers and hugs Felix. Felix steals the key from Sam’s pocket.

Back in the woods, a skinner tastes Julius’ blood, but he does not like it and spits it out. Another skinner skins Vanessa’s back. Vanessa screams, but she heals instantly. The skinners wonder. A curious little girl arrives in their location and says hello. Vanessa commands her to run. She runs, and the skinners run after her. Vanessa manages to escape and follows suit. The little girl stops running. Arrows by kid archers kill the skinners. Vanessa then arrives. The little girl asks her if she is okay. The rest of the archers reveal themselves. Their leader introduces them as the Johnsons. They then bring Vanessa and Julius to their camp. The camp is filled with fighter kids. Mike and Chad run the camp. Their goal is to take in any child they find and teach the children to survive. Julius is impressed, but Vanessa is suspicious.

The mysterious masked ninja is still following Vanessa’s trail.

Felix tries to escape. Sam then runs after him. He manages to lock Sam in the basketball court. He runs back to help the others, but Sam easily catches up to him.

Chad confronts Vanessa, saying that her negative energy can be contagious, especially around children. She accuses him of maltreating Troy. Chad vehemently denies her allegations and tells her that Troy got his scars from the very abusive group they rescued him from. But Vanessa isn’t buying any of it. He offers Vanessa to come with them during the supply swap with Troy’s former group to see for herself.

Sam shaves Felix’s head and calls him “My Mohamad.” Felix protests and insists that his name is Felix and not Mohamad. Sam stuffs his mouth to silence him.

Vanessa, Julius, and the Johnsons go to the trade meeting. But the other group is late. Vanessa decides to investigate. They arrive at the detention center. The pile of dead bodies welcomes them. Vanessa realizes it is Sam’s doing. Vanessa then finds Sam. He greets her with a devilish smile.

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