van helsing s03e02

Van Helsing S03E02: “Super Unknown” — It is 1906. A couple arrives at Renfield House. Lord Edward Hawkins checks in his wife, Lillian, in the asylum.  Before he goes, she gives him a vial necklace and orders him to give it to their daughter for safekeeping. The nurse then asks for Lillian’s maiden name. “Van Helsing. Lillian Van Helsing. But you may call me Lily.” She answers.

Lily breaks out from her room and goes to do her mission — to kill a vampire. She comes face to face with a different kind of vampire, one with blue eyes and a strong psychic abilities. Lily fails the mission.

Back to the present day, Vanessa, Scarlett, Axel, and the Elder arrive at a cabin in the woods. They ask the man to help them get to the asylum in exchange for one of Axel’s Kit-Kat bars. He agrees to take them to the asylum in the morning. But Vanessa is not willing to wait. She points her gun at the man.

They arrive at the asylum. The Elder suddenly attacks the man. The Elder may look like Susan, but he is still a vampire. He must feed, he says. Vanessa’s eyes turn red as she smells the blood, but she manages to shake it off.

Inside the asylum, they come across a room full of sleeping vampires, which Scarlett thought are only dead bodies. The vampires wake up, but oddly enough, they don’t attack. Instead, their eyes turn blue, and they start to use their psychic powers. Axel’s head starts to hurt. Vanessa and Scarlett start killing the vampires. The vampires’ psychic powers start to affect Scarlett but do not seem to affect Vanessa. The strongest vampire gets a hold of Scarlett. To fight him off, Scarlett tries a trick she has not done before — she bites the vampire. Her bite turns him into a human.

The vampire-now-turned-human introduces himself as Dr. Karloff. He makes himself helpful. He tells them the story of Lily Van Helsing, who died in the asylum under very mysterious circumstances.

Axel talks to Scarlett about Vanessa not being herself. He worries she is becoming more vampire.

Dr. Karloff brings out old hospital records. They find out that Lily died on her first night at the asylum due to extensive brain damage. Vanessa asks where Lily is buried. Dr. Karloff leads them to the cemetery in front of the facility. Vanessa and Scarlett start digging the grave while the doctor and Axel go back to get digging tools.

The doctor leads Axel into a creepy laboratory and knocks him out. Axel wakes up being tied into a chair and with electrodes attached to his head. It turns out, the doctor was a patient at the asylum before The Rising. He is very thrilled to suck the life out of Axel as he powers up the electroconvulsive therapy machine. The current from the machine causes seizures and knocks Axel out.

While digging, Vanessa wonders why Axel is not back yet. It leads Scarlett to talk about her relationship with him. Vanessa clears out she is not interested in Axel. Scarlett then confronts Vanessa about consistently shutting her down, and asks what happened to her at Blak Tek. Vanessa confesses she does not know what is going on with her, and that something changed after the Elder bit her. Before, she drinks blood just to get stronger, but now, she craves it. “If I start to turn, you know what you have to do, right?” she asks Scarlett. Scarlett comforts her by telling her they will figure it out.

Vanessa and Scarlett find a man’s skeleton on the grave instead of Lily’s. They decide to wait for Axel and Dr. Karloff to return.

Dr. Karloff confesses to Axel that he sent Vanessa and Scarlett on a bit of a wild goose chase. Axel tricks him into telling where Lily is actually buried. Convinced that Axel will die soon in his hands, he blurts out that she is on a mausoleum in the basement. Axel then breaks free, attacks him, and crushes his head using a chair.

Axel tells the sisters about what happened to the doctor and about the mausoleum. Scarlett asks if he is okay. He jokes about almost getting a lobotomy.

Now in the basement, Axel’s and Scarlett’s head start to hurt. Axel says it is the same from upstairs but worse. Vanessa orders them to go and to send the Elder to her. Now, she has to face the thing that killed Lily alone.

Vanessa comes face to face with a new and different kind of vampire. The vampire compliments her for her strength. She reveals she is a Van Helsing. The vampire unleashes his psychic powers. Vanessa falls to her knees. “Even one with powers as great as yours will not go forward,” he says. You can’t stop me, Vanessa answers as she tries to fight him off. Vanessa plunges her knife into his chest. He pulls it out effortlessly. The Elder appears behind Vanessa. She orders him to attack. The Elder bites the vampire and rips out his throat.

Vanessa, Scarlett, and Axel open Lily’s coffin. Strangely, Lily looks like she died yesterday. Her body is perfectly preserved. With her are the Elder’s totem, a beautiful bracelet, and a large dagger. The Elder orders Vanessa to move away from the dagger. Vanessa picks it up anyway. The Elder says it has stains of blood of the B’ah, one of the great Elders that Vanessa will ever face. The Elder tells her there’s so much she has to understand, and that she is not ready to face the strength of the B’ah. Vanessa orders him to teach her. He answers that it is better that he shows her. He then reaches out for Vanessa’s head.

Vanessa wakes up in a foreign land.

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