Van Helsing S03E08 crooked steps

Van Helsing S03E08: “Crooked Steps” — Vanessa and Scarlett are on a quest to find the third Elder. They look into their family book for hidden clues as to his location but to no avail. Vampires attack their camp, but of course, they are no match to the Van Helsings. Some of Vanessa’s blood spatter on the book during the fight, and a map magically appears.

The map leads them to a quaint little island. There, they find a beautiful lighthouse. The last keeper’s rotting corpse welcomes them. There is no hint of the Elder anywhere, but it seems they know what they are doing. With the help of the book, an old projector, and pure Van Helsing wit, Vanessa and Scarlett figure out where to possibly find the Elder.  

Vanessa and Scarlett finally find the Elder’s crypt. The Elder recognizes them as Van Helsings. He reveals he is Jacob Van Helsing, brother of Abraham Van Helsing. “It would be a grave mistake to be done with me this quickly. There is much for you to learn from the likes of me.” He says.

Jacob reveals he was turned an Elder by the darkness itself. That he was chosen to be an Elder, and he was too weak to resist. He also mentions a labyrinth where to find the Dark One but refuses to disclose its location. He then asks for blood. Vanessa demands that he give them his totem first. It turns out that his totem has been with them all long — it is the necklace containing the Dark One’s blood. He says that it was taken away from him when he was entombed. He also warns the sisters that only one of them will continue to the end.

Vanessa and Scarlett release Jacob from his prison. He asks Vanessa to turn him back to human or at least try. Vanessa refuses. He begs her to feed him blood instead, saying he needs to taste blood again before he dies. Scarlett convinces Vanessa to help Jacob because he is their family. Vanessa finally agrees to give him blood.

While Scarlett hides the totems, Vanessa gives Jacob some of her blood. Jacob says that before he became an Elder, he was the same as Vanessa now. She is closer to the other side, he adds. After drinking Vanessa’s blood, he remarks there is a power of another in her blood. Vanessa asks him what he meant when he said only one of the sisters will survive. “It was the same for Abraham and me. It’s the same for you and your sister.” He answers. Vanessa then lets Jacob escape.

Vanessa tells her sister that Jacob is gone. She suggests they split up to cover more ground to find him sooner. Scarlett disagrees, but Vanessa insisted.

Jacob finds Scarlett alone in the woods. He says he senses a far greater strength in her than in Vanessa. “History repeating itself over and over again like it did for me and my brother.” He adds. He reveals the truth about the past and declares that Scarlett’s fate will surely present itself soon when she is ready. Jacob emphasizes that only one can make it to the end. “If you think I’m gonna hurt my sister, you are crazy. And I make my own fate.” Scarlett answers. “You are not ready,” Jacob says, then knocks her out.  

Scarlett awakes and finds Vanessa. They run toward the boat hoping to stop Jacob from leaving the island. Jacob attacks Vanessa from behind and feeds on her. “Your blood is unlike anything I’ve ever tasted in all these years. I need more.” He says. Vanessa bites him back and rips his throat. Vanessa goes into frenzy mode as she rips the life out of Jacob. Scarlett is horrified by the sight of her sister becoming a vampire.

 “You just acted like an animal.” Scarlett confronts Vanessa. Vanessa justifies her acts and assures her sister she is fine. Scarlett disagrees with her and asks what Jacob whispered to her. Vanessa says that Jacob told her to return to Renfield’s house and rule with him. She dismisses Scarlett and tells her that they should just get the totems and leave the island. She suddenly feels ill and Scarlett offers to get the totem while Vanessa rests until she feels better. Vanessa hugs Scarlett and thanks her.

Scarlett couldn’t find the totems. She realizes Vanessa took them when they split up. She ran to the beach to find Vanessa leaving her. “The Elder said only one of us will survive. I have to make sure that’s you, Scarlett!” Vanessa shouts as she paddles away. Scarlett begs Vanessa to come back but her sister would not budge. Scarlett is pissed and worried.

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