Rukiya Bernard is a Canadian actress, producer, and interior designer. Bernard was born in Toronto, Ontario, on January 20, 1983, to a Kenyan mother and Jamaican father. From a very young age, Bernard’s parents immersed her in sport and art programming. She took part in basketball and track while studying classical ballet, piano, and karate. She was also accepted into Ryerson University’s theatre program from which she graduated with honors. Rukiya Bernard has two children.

Rukiya Bernard is best known for her roles as Support Stager in HGTV’s The Stagers, Portia in the 2015 film The Unspoken, Eden Cavanaugh in FOX’s Killer Instinct, and Doc in Syfy’s Van Helsing. Bernard’s feature film credits include Stuck (2007), The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008), Tooth Fairy (2010), The Cabin in the Woods (2012), and Colossal (2016).

Rukiya Bernard as Doc

Doc, whose real name is Sarah Carol, worked at Seattle Valley General Hospital before The Rising. She was tasked to examine Vanessa Van Helsing‘s ‘corpse.’ She found that Vanessa is neither dead nor alive. Six months after The Rising, Doc was turned into a vampire. She was bitten by a vampire while doing a very selfish act. Axel locked her up and kept her alive until Vanessa cured her.

Doc thinks more of herself than the people around her, even if they sacrificed for her. In a matter of life and death, she would always choose to save herself even if others still have a chance to survive. She even left Axel to die at the Farm when she could have done something to save him. She also lacks the ability to gain composure during a combat situation, causing her to recklessly act before thinking. Despite that, Doc is very intelligent, practical, and quite empathetic. And she tried her best to make up for her shortcomings, saving several people in the process, including Axel.

Just like everyone else cured by Vanessa, Doc is immune to the vampire bite, and her blood is unappetizing and does not provide nourishment to vampires. Doc can also sense Vanessa’s presence.

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