Van Helsing S03E05 pretty noose

Van Helsing S03E05: “Pretty Noose” — Vanessa, Scarlett, and Axel arrive in San Francisco. Doc, Jolene, Julius, and Flesh start a new life in Denver Safezone.

Paterson, Raskin, and Mendoza narrate what happened to San Francisco since the ancient-warrior-kind of vampires overrun the city three weeks ago.  They are on a mission to find the missing members of their unit. Axel decides to help them while Vanessa and Scarlett continue the mission to find and kill the B’ah.

VanHelsing S03E05 at denver

Doc and Jolene remember their time spent at the Triage as they settle in their new room. Julius and Flesh, on the other hand, are having a rough time settling in. Flesh still hates Julius and says he is the last person he wants to be spending time with. He gets furious and demands that Julius stops calling him Flesh. “That’s the name that you gave me after you turned me. I’m not your boy anymore. My name’s Phil. Phil Fleischman.” He says.

Vanessa and Scarlett come across some of B’ah’s ninja warriors. They manage to slay their enemies after some intense Kung Fu fighting, but not without an injury because Scarlett was stabbed. They meet a group of local survivors who bring them to their hideout.

Doc and Jolene start working in the community’s hospital.

Vanessa and Scarlett talk to the group’s leader, Mary Beth. Mary Beth tells them how things fell apart three weeks back. Vanessa realizes she was tricked by the Elder. Meeting the B’ah in the memory created by another Elder awoken the sleeping B’ah. Scarlett starts to feel her wound and collapses. It turns out she was stabbed with the B’ah’s poison. Vanessa needs the B’ah’s blood to save Scarlett. She asks Barry to take her to the wharf where the vampire attacks started. They find B’ah’s crates.

Jolene gets a vaccine which is supposed to work as a repellant for vampires, while Doc starts examining the Dark One’s blood. At lunch, Jolene tells Doc about her co-worker Jared and how she turned him down by telling him she has a girlfriend. “I like you, Sarah.” She confesses. “I like you, too,” Doc answers, and they kiss. Meanwhile, Julius applies for a job at a bar. Frankie hires him.

Doc is confused about her feelings. She confesses she’s a virgin and that having feelings for Jolene freaks her out. “You scare me, but I have never met anyone that makes me feel like you do,” she adds. She and Jolene decide to just take things slow.

Elsewhere in San Francisco, Axel and his new team find the dead soldiers. Unfortunately, it appears they stumble directly on the B’ah’s lair.

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