Van Helsing S02E08: “Big Mama” — Axel wakes up in the field where they were knocked out by gas the night before.  Vanessa is nowhere in sight. He remembers what happened. He wakes Scarlett, Julius, and Doc up. They don’t know who took Vanessa, but they plan to find her.

While on the road, they hear sirens wailing. Behind them are police cars. They pull over. The police officers alighted from the vehicles. The Sheriff explains that they are just surprised to see another vehicle on the road and that they had to pull them over to check it out. Sheriff Walt Turner invites them to stop in town for barbeque and shower.

The group follows the police officers back to their place. Before inviting them inside, the police officers confiscate all their weapons, except for a knife which Scarlett manages to hide. They start to be suspicious.

Flesh and Lucky are in the woods trying to find Mohamad. They find Dmitri and his army with human hostages, instead. Some of the hostages are from the Triage, including the little girl Callie. They devise a plan to help the hostages.

Sheriff Turner gives his guests a house tour. They have a place big enough to house 200 people, two generators, they make their gasoline, and they have an armory filled with guns and weapons. Axel asks if they could get some ammo before they go. “Not a chance. Not one bullet.”, Walt answers. But he says he can offer them hot water, soap, a change of clothes, food, and gas. Hospitality only goes so far.

After a shower, Scarlett tells Axel she’s ready to go. She does not trust Walt. But Axel wants to stay for dinner.

Back in the woods, Flesh and Lucky track the vampires and their human prisoners. They succeed in their rescue mission. But Callie is missing.

Walt introduces the group to their cook and police dispatcher, Big Mama. Big Mama says she needs meat for their dinner. Walt invites them to come along to help prepare the roast. Axel and Scarlett volunteer. They soon discover the police officers eat vampires. No wonder they have an unlimited supply of meat. Walt tries to justify their gruesome ways.

Axel and Scarlett inform Doc and Julius that their hosts are cannibals and that their big feast is a vampire being roasted under a UV light. They discuss their exit plan.

Axel and Scarlett head out to the armory and grab some weapons. Doc grabs her things. But Julius, instead of getting his things, goes to the kitchen to see for himself. He opens the spit and sees a vampire being roasted. The vampire wakes up and tries to attack him. He kills it with a kitchen knife. Big Mama gets angry at him for spoiling dinner and attacks him from behind. Julius fights her off. He stabs her chest using the same knife.

Axel and Scarlet arrive at their vehicle. Doc then joins them. Julius, on the other hand, is late. The police officers fire at them. Walt demands them to open the door. Axel then obliges. Walt asks them who gutted Big Mama. They all look at Julius.

Now held hostage, Walt interrogates them. Scarlett manages to cut the ropes with her knife. She puts up a fight, plunges the knife into Walt’s leg, and points a gun to his head. But she is outnumbered. To save Scarlett, Julius offers to tell them what they want to know. He confesses that he killed Big Mama because he could not stand what she was doing to a vampire. Doc tries to stop him, but he blurts out that he used to be a vampire. Walt is not buying it. Doc admits that she and Axel were vampires, too. A deputy interjects he wonders what they taste like. Walt says they ought to find out. He then orders his men to set up the roof for the test.

Axel, Scarlett, Doc, and Julius are held in the rooftop with ropes around their neck. Walt says this is justice for killing Big Mama, but an old-school type justice — a Salem witch trial. They will toss them over one by one. If they die from hanging, they are humans. But if they live, they are vampires, and they will be eaten. Fortunately, and unfortunately, at the same time, the test is cut short by the arrival of the Sisterhood. Scarlett warns the police that the Sisterhood are killers. But Walt is confident they can defeat them. A deputy points out that they have the advantage of the rooftop, right before a spear made of bone plunges through his chest. Scarlett tries to convince Walt to let them go, or else they all die. Walt orders his men to go down and get their “dinner” instead.

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