Van Helsing S02E12 crooked falls

Van Helsing S02E12: “Crooked Falls” — The Elder appears in Scarlett’s dreams. He demands that she frees him now that Vanessa is gone. He says Vanessa’s light is no more, just mere shadows and silence. Scarlett swears to never set him free.

Scarlett wakes up from the dream. Axel calms her down. He reminds her that they are now in Crooked Falls.

At breakfast, Scarlett asks Jessie if there is any sign of Doc and Julius. Jessie answers that their boss went out to look for them.

The Boss finds a hole in their perimeter fence. She goes outside and sees a vampire attacking a car. She swiftly kills the vampire and urges the person trapped inside to come out. The person turns out to be Doc.

Jessie calls to the radio hoping someone would answer her. Axel asks her how it’s going. She says the transponder’s been busted, and she only gets a dozen or so miles in range. Axel asks her if she thinks there is still a world out there. “You got to hang on to hope. What else is there?” she answers.

The Boss and Doc walk back to Crooked Falls. They find a dead body along the way, along with Jessie’s balloon. They wonder why the map is missing. Doc says that ferals are too backward to use a map. The boss notices a trap and saves Doc. “They’re not supposed to make traps either.” She says.

Doc and the Boss arrive at Crooked Falls. Denis cannot believe they are being chased by ferals, even if it is still daylight. Axel asks Doc where Julius is.

Axel accuses Doc of leaving Julius to die. Doc tries to explain that Dmitri killed him. Axel does believe any word she says and concludes she does not care about anybody else but herself. Scarlett breaks them off and asks Doc if she has the key. Doc says she’s sorry and that she did everything she could. You’re the one that should be dead, Axel says in disappointment.

Lucky, Flesh, and Jolene could not decide which of the two roads to take to Crooked Falls. Callie appears out of nowhere. She says she found a balloon with a map. She then leads them to Crooked Falls.

Doc is upset about Axel not believing her. She bids farewell to Scarlett, but Denis stops her from leaving. It is not safe to go when it is almost dark. He says they all can go on daybreak.

The Boss powers up the electrical grid for defense. Their dog, Shadow, barks. Shots are being fired from a distance. Flesh, Lucky, Jolene, and Callie are being chased by ferals. The Boss orders to let them in. Shadow chases one of the ferals. Denis runs after him. The vampires get to Denis.

The Boss and McGrath search for Denis. Denis now comes back as a vampire. McGrath refuses to shoot Denis. Scarlett shots him without any hesitation.

Callie narrates to Doc what happened after she left the Triage. Jolene asks Doc was stealing all the blood for the vampire worth it. Doc says she does not know anymore. Axel comes and gives Callie food. Jolene realizes that Axel was the vampire in the woods. She sees a ray of hope.

The group discusses how the ferals are acting strange. They are smarter, and the sun does not burn them. The Boss decides to take some samples and do a biopsy.

Flesh and Lucky talk about their relationship. Lucky reveals that she might be pregnant.

The Boss and Doc study samples from Denis’ body. They find the vampire cells are unnaturally evolving.

The power goes off. The whole electrical grid is offline. They are now vulnerable to vampires. The vampires are using tools to break into the building. Their leader is one of the vampires that Vanessa freed from Blak Tek. The group fires at the vampires to stop them.  Their scar-head leader orders the vampires to retreat. The Boss decides to go fix the generator. Axel and Scarlett offer to help. Lucky and Flesh serve as lookout.

McGrath and the Boss manage to fix the generator. The scar-head leader ambushes them. The boss shots him. The vampires chase them as they make for a run towards safety.

At breakfast, Callie proudly announces to Jolene she will show Jessie how to fix the radio. Doc asks Jolene is she believes what Callie said. Jolene says Callie is a good luck charm. Everyone she runs with ends up dead, Doc answers.

The vampire Denis wakes up from the dead.

Doc and the Boss discover a spontaneous generation on Denis’ cell samples. The Boss thinks someone engineered it and that they need to engineer an antidote, or else, time will come they won’t be able to kill the vampires anymore. Doc offers to use her blood. She confesses she used to be a vampire and that Vanessa cured her.

Jessie sees Denis go out of the building. Flesh and Lucky go after him, but they get surrounded by vampires. The scar-leader brings Julius and asks them why is he immune from turning. Lucky shots the leader. The vampires then attack them. The leader grabs Lucky and bites her. Flesh assures her it is okay because they will find Vanessa. But Lucky brings out a hand grenade and orders Flesh to run. Flesh tells her he loves her. The vampires then attack Lucky. She detonates the grenade, killing the vampires with her.

Julius narrates to Axel how Doc tried to save him. He tells Scarlett Dmitri got the key. The Boss overhears their conversation and asks what key. Julius answers that it is the one Scarlett and Vanessa got from the Farm. The one that is supposed to open up the Elder’s crypt. She then asks Scarlett to come with her.

Doc catches Callie talking to someone on the radio. She tells the person on the other end their coordinates. The man answers that they are closing in on their location and orders them to stay where they are.

Axel hears a helicopter approaching Crooked Falls.  

Elsewhere, The Boss brings Scarlett on a quest to get to the Elder before Dmitri does. Their conversation leads to The Boss revealing her true identity — She is Scarlett’s and Vanessa’s mother.

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