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Van Helsing S0309: “Loud Love” — Phil wakes up from the dead. Julius lets him out from the morgue freezer and calms him down. “I’m alive,” Phil exclaims. I thought I’d be in the darkness forever, he adds.

Julius asks Phil if he’s going to keep trying to kill himself. He warns his friend of what could happen if other people like Dr. Harrison would find out about his abilities. He asks Phil what he wants to do next. “I’m gonna find my wife,” Phil answers.

Jolene gets arrested by the authorities in Denver for allegedly disseminating false information about the vampire repellant. Doc promises Jolene she will fix the situation. She finds from Caitlin that Jolene is being held in prison to make her cooperate in subduing the side effects of the repellant. “Jolene’s fate is entirely in your hands,” Caitlin threatens her.

Elsewhere, Axel worries about leaving Scarlett behind. His group is on their way to Denver when Kit goes into labor. Unfortunately, normal delivery is impossible. Axel tries to turn the baby but to no avail. Kit begs him to save her baby and convinces him to deliver the child through DIY C-section. Kit gets to hold her baby girl. She thanks Axel before taking her last breath.

The Sisterhood arrives in Denver. They plan their attack.

Doc decides to heed Caitlin’s demands and starts to work on the repellant. Julius asks his boss, Frankie, to go on a date. Instead, he gets more than a date. Meanwhile, Phil goes to the record office to find the whereabouts of his wife. He learns that his wife is in Loveland — a prison colony. Phil is told he cannot go there unless he commits a heinous crime. So, he shots a guard to follow his wife in prison.

Axel’s group arrives safely in Denver. Axel decides to go back and find Scarlett. Barry names the baby Kit before Axel bids them farewell.

The group informs the guards about the Daywalkers, but they don’t believe them. The Sisterhood cunningly attacks the facility and effortlessly breaks through. Barry and the baby hide in the lockers while the guards try to make a stand.

Doc lets the vampire in the lab feed on Caitlin. She grabs her keycard, then kills her before she turns into a vampire.

Ivory orders the Sisterhood to turn the strong and keep the young ones for food. They wreak havoc in the enclosed community. Doc runs to the prison to rescue Jolene, but she is no longer there. Jolene and Phil left on a bus heading to Loveland.

Julius goes to find Frankie. He gets bitten by a vampire while trying to get her out of Denver. Julius heals instantly, of course. He promises Frankie he will explain later. But Scab sees Julius and runs after them. Scab grabs Frankie. Julius begs him not to hurt her. “Your suffering is all I want,” Scab says to Julius, then bites Frankie. Two guards drag Julius to the bus as he watches Scab feed on Frankie.

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