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Van Helsing

SyFy Series

The Van Helsing series was created and produced by the Syfy network. This American-Canadian dark fantasy horror drama television series brings you to a post-apocalyptic world setting. The story revolves around Vanessa Helsing, a descendant of the famed vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, who woke up from a coma to a world dominated by vampires. She finds herself with a unique power — her immunity to vampires and the ability to turn them into humans. With this, she became humanity’s last hope to restore the world to how it was before. But saving humanity seems to be a next-to-impossible task as she turned into a prime target for the vampires.

SeasonFirst AiredLast AiredEpisodes
Season 1

July 31, 2016December 9, 201613
Season 2

October 5, 2017January 4, 201813
Season 3

October 5, 2018December 28, 201813
Season 4

September 27, 2019December 20, 2019[13

When Is Season 5 Of Van Helsing Coming Out?

No release date has been announced yet for Van Helsing Season 5, it is most likely to come out sometime in 2020. Usually the new season of Van Helsing has been released in December, so that is the most likely release date. Sometime in December 2020.

However due to the worldwide halt of economies and business due to the Corona virus in 2020 this may drastically affect the production schedule of the series as well s the release date.