Van Helsing S02E06-Veritas Vincit

Van Helsing S02E06: “Veritas Vincit” — Susan appears in Vanessa’s dreams. She leads Vanessa to where the red door is — it is on the Farm. She says truth is waiting for Vanessa behind the red door.

Vanessa wakes up from her dream. She and Julius head to the Farm. They talk about their dreams. Julius thanks Vanessa for giving him the ability to dream again. They unexpectedly meet Doc and Axel along the way.

Doc is relieved they finally found Vanessa. She is surprised to meet Julius, though. Vanessa cannot believe that Axel is still alive, but now a vampire. She refuses to turn Axel back into being human. She’s afraid that what happened to Dylan might happen to Axel.

Doc begs Vanessa to help Axel. But Vanessa refuses.

Vanessa requests Julius to stay with Doc and Axel and get fuel and a vehicle. She heads to the Farm alone.

Dmitri also dreams of the red door. He says that Vanessa has changed their destiny and that the world now hangs in her balance. It is not Vanessa that he fears, but the Elder she has awakened. He needs to find the Elder before Vanessa does, and then use it against her, he adds. He orders his new vampire minion to find the sisterhood and seek allegiance with them.

Doc feeds Axel with Julius’ blood, but it’s not sustaining him. Doc panics for a second, thinking Axel is dead. But Axel wakes up and looks for Vanessa. Axel then goes after her. Doc and Julius do what Vanessa requested.

Vanessa arrives at the Farm. The mysterious masked ninja catches up with her. The ninja turns out to be a woman, and her name is Scarlet Harker. Axel jumps out of nowhere, but she quickly stabs him. Vanessa stops her from killing Axel. Her fighting skills match that of Vanessa. They reach a stalemate and decide to just discover what is behind the red door.

Dmitri’s new minion meets with the sisterhood. They are mysterious female vampires wearing white masks. They doubt Dmitri’s motive as to why their 200 years of blood feud needs to come to an end.

Vanessa cracks the red door’s code with her name. As they navigate through the corridors, Vanessa asks what Scarlet’s story is. Scarlet shares how her parents prepared for doomsday, and that she was attacked by a vampire even before the rising. As they investigate further, they realize that they have been in the place when they were kids and that they are sisters. Memories of them as children, together with their mother, comes flashing as they see their old playroom. They remember the key hidden behind the mural in the playroom.  After Vanessa gets the key, the telephone rings. Vanessa answers it and a woman speaks to her. The facility rumbles and the telephone line drops. Scarlet and Vanessa run outside to check on Axel. On their way out, they come face to face with Dmitri and his army.

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