Van Helsing S03E10

Van Helsing S03E10: “Outside World” — Vanessa wanders in the woods alone. She could not stop her guilt and the flashing images of the innocent man she killed in cold blood just to feed. The Oracle appears before her. “I come to those who show promise,” the Oracle says. Vanessa asks her who she is. The Oracle answers, “I’m a seer. A messenger. A caller to the Chosen.”  The Oracle points out that Vanessa has a seed of thirst, anger, and rage. That the seed has taken root and fed by the blood of a sacrifice. She reminds Vanessa of the murder she has committed. “Nurture the darkness, and you will find yourself. Be who you really are — spawn of the darkness, holder of its blood,” she says. The oracle adds that she sees Vanessa’s path. It’s not straight, nor clear, and it hangs in the balance.

Vanessa stumbles upon Mohamad feeding on a wolf. She offers to return him to a human state, but Mohammad chooses to run from her.  Vanessa chases after him, but she ends up falling through a ceiling and getting impaled on a steel hook. Vanessa writhes in agony as the metal rip the flesh from her bones. Unable to free herself, she hangs helplessly.

Vanessa’s injury and her inability to extricate herself from the hook brings out the guilt and shame that she has buried deep inside her. Her hallucinations make her confront the ghosts from her past and question the path she’s chosen. John appears and reminds her of her role in the death of his wife and in killing him. Vanessa argues it was not her fault his wife dies and that she was right to kill him as she thought he was the killer. She claims she did it to protect the rest of the group.

John is convinced that his appearance in her hallucinations is a manifestation of her guilt. “I don’t really feel guilty, John.” Vanessa answers. “I wanted to do it. In fact, I enjoyed it, and I’d do it again,” she adds. John tells her that deep down in her is just black right at the core, and she knows it.

Julius appears and reminds her of the good she has done to him and the people she has helped. He says he knows in his heart that she’s going to get out of this and save everyone. “Believe in your heart, Vanessa,” he says before he disappears.

The vampire version of Julius appears carrying a severed head from which he drinks blood and says deep inside her are hunger, more craving, and more lust. “You and I are the same. We are both killers by nature,” Julius adds. He brings up the idea that her most recent killing put her on the right track.

Julius points out that she loves only to suffer. That she could have saved her daughter, but she loves the pain too much. “I did everything I could,” Vanessa justifies herself. The vampire Dylan appears and disagrees with her. Dylan blames her mother for her death then runs away. “The darkness is calling,” Julius tells her before he disappears.

Susan appears next and tells Vanessa that she should not let her guilt get in the way of who she really is. “You are stronger than that,” Susan adds. She tells Vanessa that “love always wins.”

Sam appears and holds Susan hostage. He says he killed Susan before because she was weak and was suffering. Sam confronts Vanessa about her decision to cripple rather than kill him when she had the opportunity. “Because I wanted you to suffer for killing all those people. For killing Susan,” Vanessa confesses. Sam talks about the man Vanessa has killed. “I was weak, I gave in. I own that,” Vanessa answers him. Sam disagrees and says that she did not succumb, she emerged, and that she saw the truth inside her.

Just as when Sam breaks Vanessa, Dylan appears. She looks healthy and beautiful. “You need to save yourself for the real fight,” Dylan tells her mother. She assures Vanessa that she is always with her and that her death was not Vanessa’s fault. “Use want you have left of me. The light you have inside. You’ll find a way,” Dylan encourages her mother before she disappears.

Mohamad appears and climbs down the chain to feed on Vanessa. He turns back into a human and frees Vanessa from the hook.  He offers himself up for her to feed, but she refuses.

Vanessa and Mohamad talk about what happened since they parted ways. Vanessa suggests he join a nearby group and help take care of them because it is too dangerous where she’s going. They say their goodbyes. Mohamad goes off on his own but changes his mind and says “as if I’d leave you on your own,” as he traces his steps back to follow Vanessa.

VanHelsing S0309 kit

Van Helsing S0309: “Loud Love” — Phil wakes up from the dead. Julius lets him out from the morgue freezer and calms him down. “I’m alive,” Phil exclaims. I thought I’d be in the darkness forever, he adds.

Julius asks Phil if he’s going to keep trying to kill himself. He warns his friend of what could happen if other people like Dr. Harrison would find out about his abilities. He asks Phil what he wants to do next. “I’m gonna find my wife,” Phil answers.

Jolene gets arrested by the authorities in Denver for allegedly disseminating false information about the vampire repellant. Doc promises Jolene she will fix the situation. She finds from Caitlin that Jolene is being held in prison to make her cooperate in subduing the side effects of the repellant. “Jolene’s fate is entirely in your hands,” Caitlin threatens her.

Elsewhere, Axel worries about leaving Scarlett behind. His group is on their way to Denver when Kit goes into labor. Unfortunately, normal delivery is impossible. Axel tries to turn the baby but to no avail. Kit begs him to save her baby and convinces him to deliver the child through DIY C-section. Kit gets to hold her baby girl. She thanks Axel before taking her last breath.

The Sisterhood arrives in Denver. They plan their attack.

Doc decides to heed Caitlin’s demands and starts to work on the repellant. Julius asks his boss, Frankie, to go on a date. Instead, he gets more than a date. Meanwhile, Phil goes to the record office to find the whereabouts of his wife. He learns that his wife is in Loveland — a prison colony. Phil is told he cannot go there unless he commits a heinous crime. So, he shots a guard to follow his wife in prison.

Axel’s group arrives safely in Denver. Axel decides to go back and find Scarlett. Barry names the baby Kit before Axel bids them farewell.

The group informs the guards about the Daywalkers, but they don’t believe them. The Sisterhood cunningly attacks the facility and effortlessly breaks through. Barry and the baby hide in the lockers while the guards try to make a stand.

Doc lets the vampire in the lab feed on Caitlin. She grabs her keycard, then kills her before she turns into a vampire.

Ivory orders the Sisterhood to turn the strong and keep the young ones for food. They wreak havoc in the enclosed community. Doc runs to the prison to rescue Jolene, but she is no longer there. Jolene and Phil left on a bus heading to Loveland.

Julius goes to find Frankie. He gets bitten by a vampire while trying to get her out of Denver. Julius heals instantly, of course. He promises Frankie he will explain later. But Scab sees Julius and runs after them. Scab grabs Frankie. Julius begs him not to hurt her. “Your suffering is all I want,” Scab says to Julius, then bites Frankie. Two guards drag Julius to the bus as he watches Scab feed on Frankie.

Van Helsing S03E08 crooked steps

Van Helsing S03E08: “Crooked Steps” — Vanessa and Scarlett are on a quest to find the third Elder. They look into their family book for hidden clues as to his location but to no avail. Vampires attack their camp, but of course, they are no match to the Van Helsings. Some of Vanessa’s blood spatter on the book during the fight, and a map magically appears.

The map leads them to a quaint little island. There, they find a beautiful lighthouse. The last keeper’s rotting corpse welcomes them. There is no hint of the Elder anywhere, but it seems they know what they are doing. With the help of the book, an old projector, and pure Van Helsing wit, Vanessa and Scarlett figure out where to possibly find the Elder.  

Vanessa and Scarlett finally find the Elder’s crypt. The Elder recognizes them as Van Helsings. He reveals he is Jacob Van Helsing, brother of Abraham Van Helsing. “It would be a grave mistake to be done with me this quickly. There is much for you to learn from the likes of me.” He says.

Jacob reveals he was turned an Elder by the darkness itself. That he was chosen to be an Elder, and he was too weak to resist. He also mentions a labyrinth where to find the Dark One but refuses to disclose its location. He then asks for blood. Vanessa demands that he give them his totem first. It turns out that his totem has been with them all long — it is the necklace containing the Dark One’s blood. He says that it was taken away from him when he was entombed. He also warns the sisters that only one of them will continue to the end.

Vanessa and Scarlett release Jacob from his prison. He asks Vanessa to turn him back to human or at least try. Vanessa refuses. He begs her to feed him blood instead, saying he needs to taste blood again before he dies. Scarlett convinces Vanessa to help Jacob because he is their family. Vanessa finally agrees to give him blood.

While Scarlett hides the totems, Vanessa gives Jacob some of her blood. Jacob says that before he became an Elder, he was the same as Vanessa now. She is closer to the other side, he adds. After drinking Vanessa’s blood, he remarks there is a power of another in her blood. Vanessa asks him what he meant when he said only one of the sisters will survive. “It was the same for Abraham and me. It’s the same for you and your sister.” He answers. Vanessa then lets Jacob escape.

Vanessa tells her sister that Jacob is gone. She suggests they split up to cover more ground to find him sooner. Scarlett disagrees, but Vanessa insisted.

Jacob finds Scarlett alone in the woods. He says he senses a far greater strength in her than in Vanessa. “History repeating itself over and over again like it did for me and my brother.” He adds. He reveals the truth about the past and declares that Scarlett’s fate will surely present itself soon when she is ready. Jacob emphasizes that only one can make it to the end. “If you think I’m gonna hurt my sister, you are crazy. And I make my own fate.” Scarlett answers. “You are not ready,” Jacob says, then knocks her out.  

Scarlett awakes and finds Vanessa. They run toward the boat hoping to stop Jacob from leaving the island. Jacob attacks Vanessa from behind and feeds on her. “Your blood is unlike anything I’ve ever tasted in all these years. I need more.” He says. Vanessa bites him back and rips his throat. Vanessa goes into frenzy mode as she rips the life out of Jacob. Scarlett is horrified by the sight of her sister becoming a vampire.

 “You just acted like an animal.” Scarlett confronts Vanessa. Vanessa justifies her acts and assures her sister she is fine. Scarlett disagrees with her and asks what Jacob whispered to her. Vanessa says that Jacob told her to return to Renfield’s house and rule with him. She dismisses Scarlett and tells her that they should just get the totems and leave the island. She suddenly feels ill and Scarlett offers to get the totem while Vanessa rests until she feels better. Vanessa hugs Scarlett and thanks her.

Scarlett couldn’t find the totems. She realizes Vanessa took them when they split up. She ran to the beach to find Vanessa leaving her. “The Elder said only one of us will survive. I have to make sure that’s you, Scarlett!” Vanessa shouts as she paddles away. Scarlett begs Vanessa to come back but her sister would not budge. Scarlett is pissed and worried.

Van Helsing s03e07

Van Helsing S03E07: “Hunted Down” — The Sisterhood, with Ivory’s persuasion, accepts Scab to their order. Ivory performs an initiation rite to make Scab one of them. She puts a cross on his head, then cuts his manhood.

Vampires attack Axel’s camp. He comes just in time to save and encourage his group to fight for their lives. Everyone survives the attack except Kristina, who turns into a vampire.

Meanwhile, Mohamad is still trapped in the underground bunker. He feeds on mice to survive. He tries to escape but couldn’t. Cara appears in his hallucinations and tells him to remember what Sam used to say — follow the mouse. Mohamad does as he’s told. He finds a small hole under the bed and starts making his way out.  

Elsewhere in the woods, a group of survivors is hunting Felix down. They think they cornered the vampire, but Sam appears, and they realize they just walk right into a trap. Sam and Felix savor their killing spree.

The Oracle appears and calls Sam. She tells him it is his time. “For?” Sam asks. She orders him to remember the time when she first came to him, the time he first killed. She tells him it is his time to be the “next” and that he knows what he must do — kill the one he loves. Sam turns around and strangles the sleeping Felix. The Oracle laughs and tells Sam “No. That is not the one you love.” Sam then wails in agony.

Mohamad has finally made a hole big enough for him to pass through. He finally escapes from the bunker and goes to find Sam.

Axel and his group are on their way to Denver. They encounter another group of survivors with a flat tire. Axel offers to help them. They tell Axel they are going to San Francisco. Axel informs them San Francisco is overrun by vampires. Their leader insists that they have some intel about a ship going to Hawaii and they plan to pay their passage with the ore they brought. Axel suggests they should just follow them to Denver. Their leader refuses. Axel talks to the pregnant woman in the group and asks her if that’s what she really wants to do. The leader brings out his gun and points it at Axel. “Fix the tire then go away,” he says. Axel, without hesitation, throws a knife at the man’s throat. The women in the group choose to go with Axel.

Axel and his group continue their journey to Denver. He makes friends with a pregnant woman named Kit. He gives her his last pack of Kit-kat. Axel asks her about the baby’s father. She says it’s one of two guys and uses Axel’s famous like to shut him up, “end of discussion.”

Kristina goes to Scarhead and informs him about the people gathered in Denver. Scarhead screams to call on to the other vampires. The Sisterhood heeds Scarhead’s call. Scarhead tells Ivory about the humans in Denver and his plan to go there. But Ivory has other plans. She pulls out Scarhead’s heart, killing him. “Strong plan. Weak leader. The Sisterhood rules you now!” she screams. The vampires rejoice.


Van Helsing S03E06: “Like Suicide” — Axel is tied up in the B’ah’s lair. He watches as Patterson, the last of his new army friends, die horribly in the hands of the B’ah. The B’ah then tries to turn Axel into a vampire. Thanks to Vanessa’s bite, he is immune to vampirism. Axel challenges the B’ah to kill him, but the B’ah decides to use him to lure Vanessa instead.

Meanwhile, in Denver, Julius now works at a bar and is trying to get back to some kind of normal life. Phil, who is still very upset at him, comes to the bar to drink all his frustrations away. Julius is apologetic towards Phil. Frankie asks him what’s their deal. “I owe him everything.” He answers.

Doc and Jolene, on the other hand, discover that the vampire repellant shots actually work when a vampire attacks them while walking home from the bar. Doc does not chicken out this time and kills the vampire to save Jolene.

The next day, Joelene narrates what happened the night before to Jared, her coworker. Jared suddenly attacks Jolene and grabs her by the throat. She manages to free herself and then knocks him out with an oxygen tank.

In San Francisco, Scarlett is still very sick from the B’ah’s poison. Vanessa receives the B’ah’s invitation and decides to go find Axel and kill the B’ah.

Drinking seems not enough to drown all of Phil’s sorrows away. He loses his senses in an open mic night at the bar and starts to blabber what it’s like to be a vampire and killing his kids as his wife watches before pulling out a gun and shooting himself. But since he was bitten by the day walkers, he couldn’t die. Everyone just laughs thinking it’s all part of the act when he wakes up from the dead. Julius attempts to explain to Frankie what happened to avoid suspicion. Frankie asks about Phil’s family and says “If any of his family is alive, they might be on the registry.” Julius goes to check Denver’s population registry to find Phil’s wife.

Jolene arrives at Doc’s lab, tells her she was attacked again and goes hysterical. Doc conducts an experiment on the vampire repellant shots and finds out the shots are causing Jolene’s violent outbursts.

Barry follows Vanessa and offers to help her by giving her blood. Vanessa’s eyes turn red. She tells him to run from her as she tries to control her urge to kill him.

Doc informs Caitlin, one of Blaktek’s scientists, of her discovery. But Caitlin dismisses her saying the shots work and side effects are nothing compared to making people feel. Doc talks about the Daywalkers and whether the shots would work on them. Caitlin thinks they are just wild stories.

Phil reminisces the time he was turned vampire by Julius and how he killed his children. He decides to jump off a tall building. Julius tries to stop him by telling him he found his wife. Phil does not believe him. “I forgive you,” Phil says before jumping off.

Vanessa arrives at the B’ah’s lair. Axel tries to free himself while Vanessa fights off the B’ah’s minions. Thanks to Master Tsui’s training, Vanessa manages to kill every last one of them.  The B’ah puts up a vicious fight, but she is no match to Vanessa and Axel. Vanessa cuts the B’ah’s head off with her dagger.

Vanessa and Axel return to the hideout and give Scarlett the B’ah’s blood to counteract the poison. Axel decides to take the survivors to Denver. Scarlett tries to stop him, but his decision is firm. He makes her promise to meet him at the place they talked about and gives her his dog tag. Scarlett gives him her ninja knife in exchange. Vanessa promises Axel she’ll take care of Scarlett and bids farewell. Scarlett then kisses Axel goodbye.

Scarlett asks Vanessa about her plan. “We kill the Elders, take their totems, and resurrect the Dark One ourselves. We end this once and for all.” Vanessa answers.

Van Helsing S03E05 pretty noose

Van Helsing S03E05: “Pretty Noose” — Vanessa, Scarlett, and Axel arrive in San Francisco. Doc, Jolene, Julius, and Flesh start a new life in Denver Safezone.

Paterson, Raskin, and Mendoza narrate what happened to San Francisco since the ancient-warrior-kind of vampires overrun the city three weeks ago.  They are on a mission to find the missing members of their unit. Axel decides to help them while Vanessa and Scarlett continue the mission to find and kill the B’ah.

VanHelsing S03E05 at denver

Doc and Jolene remember their time spent at the Triage as they settle in their new room. Julius and Flesh, on the other hand, are having a rough time settling in. Flesh still hates Julius and says he is the last person he wants to be spending time with. He gets furious and demands that Julius stops calling him Flesh. “That’s the name that you gave me after you turned me. I’m not your boy anymore. My name’s Phil. Phil Fleischman.” He says.

Vanessa and Scarlett come across some of B’ah’s ninja warriors. They manage to slay their enemies after some intense Kung Fu fighting, but not without an injury because Scarlett was stabbed. They meet a group of local survivors who bring them to their hideout.

Doc and Jolene start working in the community’s hospital.

Vanessa and Scarlett talk to the group’s leader, Mary Beth. Mary Beth tells them how things fell apart three weeks back. Vanessa realizes she was tricked by the Elder. Meeting the B’ah in the memory created by another Elder awoken the sleeping B’ah. Scarlett starts to feel her wound and collapses. It turns out she was stabbed with the B’ah’s poison. Vanessa needs the B’ah’s blood to save Scarlett. She asks Barry to take her to the wharf where the vampire attacks started. They find B’ah’s crates.

Jolene gets a vaccine which is supposed to work as a repellant for vampires, while Doc starts examining the Dark One’s blood. At lunch, Jolene tells Doc about her co-worker Jared and how she turned him down by telling him she has a girlfriend. “I like you, Sarah.” She confesses. “I like you, too,” Doc answers, and they kiss. Meanwhile, Julius applies for a job at a bar. Frankie hires him.

Doc is confused about her feelings. She confesses she’s a virgin and that having feelings for Jolene freaks her out. “You scare me, but I have never met anyone that makes me feel like you do,” she adds. She and Jolene decide to just take things slow.

Elsewhere in San Francisco, Axel and his new team find the dead soldiers. Unfortunately, it appears they stumble directly on the B’ah’s lair.

Van Helsing S03E04 sam mohamad

Van Helsing S03E04: “Rusty Cage” — Sam is back at the Juvenile Detention Center. He sits by the pool as he painfully reminisces about his time spent at the facility when he was a teenager. When his father left him at the facility, Sam begged him not to and promised that he will be good. Instead, his father told him, “You are not my son. You are evil.” His father told him he will never see him again. The teenager Sam got angry and bit off his father’s index finger. That’s when his signature of cutting off the victim’s finger began.  Sam laughs at the memory.

Somewhere on a train track, Ivory and Scab hide under a train car. Humans are hunting them. With no blood for days and the sun rising in the mountains, they are too weak to fight. A group of vampires arrives and rescues them. Scarhead promises he will take care of them with one little bite. Ivory stabs his eye and kills the others. Scarhead rises from the dead and grabs Ivory’s head. He tells her he is the new breed, and he is invincible. The dead vampires around them regenerate and rise again. Scarhead then bites Ivory in the neck while Scab watches silently nearby.  

Sam remembers how he was bullied during his stay at the detention center and how a guard protected him. A mysterious woman wearing a black veil called out to the teenager Sam and said it’s time to begin. In the present, the same woman appears and tells him it’s time to end. She tells Sam to find what he needs and that the one who stands by him must be worthy.

Sam approaches the very hungry Mohamad. Mohamad demands he needs to feed. Sam teaches him how to control his yearnings. “If you control and command yourself, you have power,” he says.

Memories of the past come back flashing. The guard teaches the teenager Sam how to weld. He tells Sam that he can protect Sam while inside the facility, but he has to learn to protect himself when he goes out.

Bullies run after Sam. He hides and kills them one by one. Sam makes a big pendant out of his bullies’ teeth. The guard discovers what he did. Sam then slits the guard’s throat using the pendant. The mysterious woman orders him to keep the pendant safe for the end.

Back to the present, Sam goes back to where he hid the pendant and retrieves it. “You have what you need, but the one you choose must be worthy,” the mysterious woman whispers.

Scab goes out of hiding and goes to Ivory. He thinks she is dead, but Ivory wakes up feeling a new power flowing within her. She offers to give him the power so they can return to the Sisterhood to rule together. Ivory comforts Scab as she bites him.

Ivory and Scab return to the Sisterhood, but everything is gone. Men burned everything to the ground, and only a few sisters survived. Ivory vows vengeance and gives the power to the sisters.

At the Johnsons’ camp, supplies are running low. Mike and Chad discuss whether to bring Felix to hunt for food.

Mohamad questions Sam’s method of teaching him the vampire ways. Sam brings him to the woods to hunt. “You must hunt with power and control,” Sam says to Mohamad as they watch a group camping in the woods.  Mohamad chooses a target. He pursues his target and pins her down. Sam stops him from feeding on her. “You will be worthy,” Sam mutters.

Mike and Felix head out to hunt for food. Mike tells Felix that hunting takes practice, patience, and control. They see a deer, but Felix is not comfortable killing it. His arrow did not hit the animal.

Back at The Johnson’s camp, Mike, Chad, and the kids are enjoying Ethan’s story. Felix arrives with a deer he hunted.

Sam and Mohamad arrive at the camp. The kids run to safety, except for one little girl who runs to the underground bunkers. Felix goes to save her. Mohamad then traps Felix at the bunker. “You’re the mouse. I wanna kill you, but I must not,” says Mohamad. Felix asks him if he is the new Mohamad. I’m the only Mohamad, he answers. Sam pulls Felix out of the bunker and locks Mohamad in. Mohamad calls for Sam. Sam answers him that he is now the mouse. Sam then bites Felix, making him a vampire. “He will stand by me. He will be worthy,” Sam tells Mohamad.

In the morning, Sam and Felix hunt for food the way Sam wants it. Sam throws away his finger necklace and replaces it with the one he got from the detention center. The mysterious woman appears and instructs Sam to bring what he needs and bring the one that is worthy. “It is time,” she says.

van helsing s03e03 i awake

Van Helsing S03E03: “I Awake” — The Elder brings Vanessa to the memory of the past. She wakes up confused and in a foreign land. She finds a girl training with a large dagger. Vanessa disarms her and pins her down. The girl tells her she is her new servant, Siobhan, and that she is Lily Van Helsing. The proud granddaughter of Abraham Van Helsing and third-generation vampire hunter. Vanessa realizes that in this dream, she is in Lily’s memory of the year 1896 in Hong Kong.

Vanessa goes out for tea with the Governor’s wife, Agnes Fauntleroy. Agnes tells her their meeting is upon the request of Master Tsui, a Chinese gentleman who has ominous and important things to share with her. Agnes also shares that her father was a faithful servant of Abraham Van Helsing, so she knew Lily’s secrets. She explains the alarming situation in the city. The vampires are using the fatalities of the Bubonic Plague to hide their killings. Agnes instructs Vanessa on how to find Master Tsui.

Vanessa meets Lily’s husband, Edward. Edward thinks that vampires are merely Lily’s delusions and fantasies. He orders her to rest in her room because he cannot have her embarrass him with talk of vampires to his guest, Cyril Abernathy, the head of the East Asia Trading Company.

With Siobhan’s help, Vanessa sneaks out to meet Master Tsui. On her way, she encounters a dangerous kind of vampire. Master Tsui explains that the vampire is called a shadow walker. Shadow walkers are servants to a very dangerous ancient type of vampire, the B’ah. They move faster than a human eye can track, and they hide in the shadows. He adds that they were rarely seen inside the city. But now they are in Hong Kong. With the outbreak of Bubonic Plague outside the city, the shadow walkers come to the city for a clean supply of blood.

Master Tsui reveals to Vanessa he is also a vampire hunter, and that is why he wants to them meet. He is rather concerned as it appears she is not prepared. Master Tsui then trains Vanessa on how to fight and control her anger.

After the taxing training, Vanessa comes home to the news of Cyril Abernathy’s death. It appears that he’s been murdered by vampires. But Edward thinks that such a thing is only his wife’s hysterical nonsense. Vanessa drugs him to sleep so she could investigate.

Vanessa’s investigation leads her to a warehouse filled with shipping crates. She also finds a dead man on the floor and a Shadow Walker burning documents. The Shadow Walker tells her that coming was a mistake. He then fights Vanessa. The shadow walker manages to put a cut on her neck. “You cannot kill what you cannot see,” the Shadow Walker says. Master Tsui arrives and gives Vanessa a piece of helpful advice. Vanessa stabs the Shadow Walker in the stomach, killing him. Vanessa starts to feel her wound. She remembers that she is Lily in this dream, so she does not have her healing abilities.

Siobhan sews up Vanessa’s wound. Siobhan notices that something about Lily is different. She says she’s a little envious of the adventure her employer is having. Vanessa assures her that one day, women will have power, a voice and that they will chart their own courses and make their own decisions. Edward walks in on them. He sees Vanessa’s wound and dagger. He gets furious, thinking that his wife is having a relapse of her psychosis. Edward blames himself for her injury. “I need you to recover, Lily,” he says.  Vanessa tries to explain she not who he thinks she is, but it only makes things worse. Edward locks Vanessa and Siobhan in the room.

Edward intercepts a message from Master Tsui and goes to put a stop to her wife’s delusions. He instructs the guard that his wife and servant are not allowed to leave the room under any circumstances. Thanks to Vanessa’s clever exit strategy, she and Siobhan manage to break out. Vanessa sees Master Tsui’s message and realizes Edward is in danger. Siobhan convinces Vanessa to allow her to come along. Vanessa agrees on the condition that she waits outside. Siobhan excitedly follows Vanessa.

Master Tsui, Vanessa, and Siobhan arrive at the B’ah’s lair. Master Tsui explains that the vampires lure victims with drugs so they can feed in secrecy and darkness.

Edward is in bed with the B’ah. He is drugged but still manages to share his fear about his wife going mad. He also tells her Master Tsui’s name, and that his wife is a Van Helsing. The B’ah sees Master Tsui and Vanessa and reveals herself to them. She is thrilled to see two legacies of vampire killers. She narrates to Vanessa how Abraham almost took her head years ago. I’m here to finish what he didn’t, Vanessa answers. The B’ah says “I doubt that,” and throws a knife at Vanessa. Vanessa catches it with her hand, right before it hits her head.

Vanessa and Master Tsui are outnumbered and surrounded by the shadow walkers. “Impressive for a mortal,” the B’ah compliments Vanessa. She notices that Vanessa bleeds like a human but there is something different about her. Vanessa challenges her to come closer, but she says she will just wait for the poison to take effect. Master Tsui suggests they walk out of the place, considering the unfavorable circumstances. The B’ah grabs Edward and holds him hostage. “You run, he dies slowly, unless you die first,” she tells Vanessa. Vanessa cannot allow Edward to die. The B’ah realizes that they are in a memory created by another Elder. She asks why. “So I could learn how to destroy you.” Vanessa answers.

Vanessa and Master Tsui put up a valiant yet losing fight against the shadow walkers. Vanessa manages to turn the tide with yet another clever solution. She cuts the rope of the curtain to let the sunlight in, and the shadow walkers burn. She also tricks the B’ah to come close enough so she could stab her with her dagger. “I am certain that we will meet again, but next time, not in dreams.” The B’ah says before she completely disappears. Master Tsui mentions to Vanessa about the dark sleep of vampires. Vanessa realizes the B’ah is trying to leave China to go somewhere safe. Master Tsui, right before he dies, tells Vanessa that only the blood of the B’ah can stop the poison. It’s a relief Vanessa has the blood in her dagger.

Edward apologizes to his wife for doubting her. He vows to help her as much as he can. Agnes arrives bearing news that the ship containing a dozen of unusual crates from East Asia Trading Company has sailed to San Francisco.

Vanessa wakes up from the dream and makes it back to the asylum. The Elder is rather disappointed that she’s back alive. Vanessa decides to go to San Francisco. But first, she releases the Elder from his obligation to the Van Helsings and gives him his totem. “The more Elders there are, the greater the chance I’ll be betrayed.” She says right before plunging the dagger into his heart.

van helsing s03e02

Van Helsing S03E02: “Super Unknown” — It is 1906. A couple arrives at Renfield House. Lord Edward Hawkins checks in his wife, Lillian, in the asylum.  Before he goes, she gives him a vial necklace and orders him to give it to their daughter for safekeeping. The nurse then asks for Lillian’s maiden name. “Van Helsing. Lillian Van Helsing. But you may call me Lily.” She answers.

Lily breaks out from her room and goes to do her mission — to kill a vampire. She comes face to face with a different kind of vampire, one with blue eyes and a strong psychic abilities. Lily fails the mission.

Back to the present day, Vanessa, Scarlett, Axel, and the Elder arrive at a cabin in the woods. They ask the man to help them get to the asylum in exchange for one of Axel’s Kit-Kat bars. He agrees to take them to the asylum in the morning. But Vanessa is not willing to wait. She points her gun at the man.

They arrive at the asylum. The Elder suddenly attacks the man. The Elder may look like Susan, but he is still a vampire. He must feed, he says. Vanessa’s eyes turn red as she smells the blood, but she manages to shake it off.

Inside the asylum, they come across a room full of sleeping vampires, which Scarlett thought are only dead bodies. The vampires wake up, but oddly enough, they don’t attack. Instead, their eyes turn blue, and they start to use their psychic powers. Axel’s head starts to hurt. Vanessa and Scarlett start killing the vampires. The vampires’ psychic powers start to affect Scarlett but do not seem to affect Vanessa. The strongest vampire gets a hold of Scarlett. To fight him off, Scarlett tries a trick she has not done before — she bites the vampire. Her bite turns him into a human.

The vampire-now-turned-human introduces himself as Dr. Karloff. He makes himself helpful. He tells them the story of Lily Van Helsing, who died in the asylum under very mysterious circumstances.

Axel talks to Scarlett about Vanessa not being herself. He worries she is becoming more vampire.

Dr. Karloff brings out old hospital records. They find out that Lily died on her first night at the asylum due to extensive brain damage. Vanessa asks where Lily is buried. Dr. Karloff leads them to the cemetery in front of the facility. Vanessa and Scarlett start digging the grave while the doctor and Axel go back to get digging tools.

The doctor leads Axel into a creepy laboratory and knocks him out. Axel wakes up being tied into a chair and with electrodes attached to his head. It turns out, the doctor was a patient at the asylum before The Rising. He is very thrilled to suck the life out of Axel as he powers up the electroconvulsive therapy machine. The current from the machine causes seizures and knocks Axel out.

While digging, Vanessa wonders why Axel is not back yet. It leads Scarlett to talk about her relationship with him. Vanessa clears out she is not interested in Axel. Scarlett then confronts Vanessa about consistently shutting her down, and asks what happened to her at Blak Tek. Vanessa confesses she does not know what is going on with her, and that something changed after the Elder bit her. Before, she drinks blood just to get stronger, but now, she craves it. “If I start to turn, you know what you have to do, right?” she asks Scarlett. Scarlett comforts her by telling her they will figure it out.

Vanessa and Scarlett find a man’s skeleton on the grave instead of Lily’s. They decide to wait for Axel and Dr. Karloff to return.

Dr. Karloff confesses to Axel that he sent Vanessa and Scarlett on a bit of a wild goose chase. Axel tricks him into telling where Lily is actually buried. Convinced that Axel will die soon in his hands, he blurts out that she is on a mausoleum in the basement. Axel then breaks free, attacks him, and crushes his head using a chair.

Axel tells the sisters about what happened to the doctor and about the mausoleum. Scarlett asks if he is okay. He jokes about almost getting a lobotomy.

Now in the basement, Axel’s and Scarlett’s head start to hurt. Axel says it is the same from upstairs but worse. Vanessa orders them to go and to send the Elder to her. Now, she has to face the thing that killed Lily alone.

Vanessa comes face to face with a new and different kind of vampire. The vampire compliments her for her strength. She reveals she is a Van Helsing. The vampire unleashes his psychic powers. Vanessa falls to her knees. “Even one with powers as great as yours will not go forward,” he says. You can’t stop me, Vanessa answers as she tries to fight him off. Vanessa plunges her knife into his chest. He pulls it out effortlessly. The Elder appears behind Vanessa. She orders him to attack. The Elder bites the vampire and rips out his throat.

Vanessa, Scarlett, and Axel open Lily’s coffin. Strangely, Lily looks like she died yesterday. Her body is perfectly preserved. With her are the Elder’s totem, a beautiful bracelet, and a large dagger. The Elder orders Vanessa to move away from the dagger. Vanessa picks it up anyway. The Elder says it has stains of blood of the B’ah, one of the great Elders that Vanessa will ever face. The Elder tells her there’s so much she has to understand, and that she is not ready to face the strength of the B’ah. Vanessa orders him to teach her. He answers that it is better that he shows her. He then reaches out for Vanessa’s head.

Vanessa wakes up in a foreign land.

Van Helsing S03E01 fresh-tendrils

Van Helsing S03E01: “Fresh Tendrils” — It is 1986 at the Harkers’ house. A couple brings the 5-year-old Scarlett and Vanessa. The Harkers choose to keep Scarlett. The little Vanessa does not understand why they had to leave Scarlett behind and throws a tantrum in the car. The man, who Vanessa refuses to acknowledge as her father, explains that they are trying to keep both Vanessa and Scarlett alive. But they get into a car accident. The couple dies in the car crash while Vanessa survives.

Back to the present, Vanessa wakes and finds the Elder hovering over her. She attacks him. The Elder tells her that Scarlett sent him to find her. Vanessa does not believe him. The Elder takes the persona of Dylan, Scarlett, and finally, Susan, to calm Vanessa down. Vanessa then demands he takes her to Scarlett. The Elder reaches out to her head.

Vanessa meets Scarlett and Abby in a dreamy old castle. Scarlett introduces the dying Abby to Vanessa. They inform Vanessa that they set the Elder free and that he is pledged to serve the Van Helsings. Abby tells her daughter that a Van Helsing is born to sacrifice. As Van Helsings, it is their fate.  She reveals that the blood that infected the twins is from the Dark One and there is nothing like them in the whole world. She continues that if the Dark One ever gets free again, there would be no stopping it.

Abby instructs her children to never face the Dark One unless there is absolutely no other way. Each Elder has a totem that leads to the Dark One, she explains. Abby orders Vanessa to stop the Elders, find the totems, and destroy them. The answers are in the family book, she adds. Abby apologizes to Vanessa before taking her last breath.

Elsewhere, Sam, who apparently did not die from hanging himself, teaches the now-vampire Mohamad how to enjoy feeding on people.  They attack a group of survivors in the woods.

A helicopter is trying to land at Crooked Falls. Julius now has the ability to heal instantaneously, a trait he got from Scarhead’s bite. The group discusses a strategy on how to deal with the situation when the helicopter lands.

Vanessa is overwhelmed with what happened. The Elder, in the persona of Susan, urges her to work with him. Vanessa demands information about the other Elders. She also orders him to give her his totem. He does not possess it, he answers. It was taken when he was imprisoned, he adds.

Harrison and his men arrive at Crooked Falls. Axel goes out to look for Scarlett. He orders the rest of the group to get the intruders busy until he gets back.  

Vanessa looks for the Van Helsing family book in Blak Tek. She discovers from the files that Denver is a safe place.

Harrison greets the group outside the building. Julius invites Harrison inside. Flesh miraculously crawls out of his grave alive.  Harrison asks if anyone can explain what just happened and that where Scarlett and Axel are. Flesh screams upon seeing Lucky’s grave.  

Vanessa walks through a corridor with dead and wounded guards, and she could not control her blood lust.  She feeds on one of them.

Julius tries to comfort Flesh. Flesh blames him for ruining his life. Harrison is intrigued. Flesh tries to dig Lucky’s grave. Doc tells him to stop and that there’s nothing left of her. Harrison orders his men to take the group inside. Callie sees what is happening outside and grabs a gun.

Vanessa now hunts the woman who pretended to be her mother.

Inside the building at Crooked Falls, Harrison holds the group hostage. He demands to know where Scarlett is.

Scarhead and his vampires are scouting vampires in the woods to be transformed into Daywalkers.

Axel finds Scarlett. Scarlett explains why she had to go without letting him know. Axel informs her of the problem at Crooked Falls.

Elsewhere, Scab brings an animal for Ivory to feed on. She refuses and orders him to look for a human.

Harrison learns that the group’s leader is Abby. He also discovers that Julius has the ability to heal rapidly. He feels relieved that his creature, Scarhead, is still alive.

Vanessa catches up with her prey. The woman who pretended to be her mother has their family book. She confesses that it was she who infected Vanessa and Scarlett with the Dark One’s blood without their mother knowing about it. She says she did it just to see what would happen and claims that she created two little monsters. The woman then shots Vanessa. This time, the bullets no longer work. Vanessa then stabs her on the chest, killing her.

Scarlett and Axel arrive at the Crooked Falls to save the day. Scarlett beheads Harrison with her katana. Axel exchanges fires with Harrison’s men. Julius and Scarlet engage in close combat. Doc takes a bullet to save Jolene. A bullet hits Scarlet’s neck. Axel goes to help her. Callie saves Axel by killing the last of Harrison’s men. Scarlett simply coughs up the bullet from her mouth and instantly heals.

A helicopter arrives at Blak Tek. Vanessa reunites with her sister and friends.

Vanessa orders the group to go to Denver. She, Scarlett, and Axel bid the rest of the group goodbye. Scarlett gives Doc some of the Dark One’s blood and orders her to guard it with her life.

Vanessa, Scarlett, Axel, and the Elder are off to kill some vampires.