Van Helsing s03e07

Van Helsing S03E07: “Hunted Down” — The Sisterhood, with Ivory’s persuasion, accepts Scab to their order. Ivory performs an initiation rite to make Scab one of them. She puts a cross on his head, then cuts his manhood.

Vampires attack Axel’s camp. He comes just in time to save and encourage his group to fight for their lives. Everyone survives the attack except Kristina, who turns into a vampire.

Meanwhile, Mohamad is still trapped in the underground bunker. He feeds on mice to survive. He tries to escape but couldn’t. Cara appears in his hallucinations and tells him to remember what Sam used to say — follow the mouse. Mohamad does as he’s told. He finds a small hole under the bed and starts making his way out.  

Elsewhere in the woods, a group of survivors is hunting Felix down. They think they cornered the vampire, but Sam appears, and they realize they just walk right into a trap. Sam and Felix savor their killing spree.

The Oracle appears and calls Sam. She tells him it is his time. “For?” Sam asks. She orders him to remember the time when she first came to him, the time he first killed. She tells him it is his time to be the “next” and that he knows what he must do — kill the one he loves. Sam turns around and strangles the sleeping Felix. The Oracle laughs and tells Sam “No. That is not the one you love.” Sam then wails in agony.

Mohamad has finally made a hole big enough for him to pass through. He finally escapes from the bunker and goes to find Sam.

Axel and his group are on their way to Denver. They encounter another group of survivors with a flat tire. Axel offers to help them. They tell Axel they are going to San Francisco. Axel informs them San Francisco is overrun by vampires. Their leader insists that they have some intel about a ship going to Hawaii and they plan to pay their passage with the ore they brought. Axel suggests they should just follow them to Denver. Their leader refuses. Axel talks to the pregnant woman in the group and asks her if that’s what she really wants to do. The leader brings out his gun and points it at Axel. “Fix the tire then go away,” he says. Axel, without hesitation, throws a knife at the man’s throat. The women in the group choose to go with Axel.

Axel and his group continue their journey to Denver. He makes friends with a pregnant woman named Kit. He gives her his last pack of Kit-kat. Axel asks her about the baby’s father. She says it’s one of two guys and uses Axel’s famous like to shut him up, “end of discussion.”

Kristina goes to Scarhead and informs him about the people gathered in Denver. Scarhead screams to call on to the other vampires. The Sisterhood heeds Scarhead’s call. Scarhead tells Ivory about the humans in Denver and his plan to go there. But Ivory has other plans. She pulls out Scarhead’s heart, killing him. “Strong plan. Weak leader. The Sisterhood rules you now!” she screams. The vampires rejoice.

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