Van Helsing S03E06: “Like Suicide” — Axel is tied up in the B’ah’s lair. He watches as Patterson, the last of his new army friends, die horribly in the hands of the B’ah. The B’ah then tries to turn Axel into a vampire. Thanks to Vanessa’s bite, he is immune to vampirism. Axel challenges the B’ah to kill him, but the B’ah decides to use him to lure Vanessa instead.

Meanwhile, in Denver, Julius now works at a bar and is trying to get back to some kind of normal life. Phil, who is still very upset at him, comes to the bar to drink all his frustrations away. Julius is apologetic towards Phil. Frankie asks him what’s their deal. “I owe him everything.” He answers.

Doc and Jolene, on the other hand, discover that the vampire repellant shots actually work when a vampire attacks them while walking home from the bar. Doc does not chicken out this time and kills the vampire to save Jolene.

The next day, Joelene narrates what happened the night before to Jared, her coworker. Jared suddenly attacks Jolene and grabs her by the throat. She manages to free herself and then knocks him out with an oxygen tank.

In San Francisco, Scarlett is still very sick from the B’ah’s poison. Vanessa receives the B’ah’s invitation and decides to go find Axel and kill the B’ah.

Drinking seems not enough to drown all of Phil’s sorrows away. He loses his senses in an open mic night at the bar and starts to blabber what it’s like to be a vampire and killing his kids as his wife watches before pulling out a gun and shooting himself. But since he was bitten by the day walkers, he couldn’t die. Everyone just laughs thinking it’s all part of the act when he wakes up from the dead. Julius attempts to explain to Frankie what happened to avoid suspicion. Frankie asks about Phil’s family and says “If any of his family is alive, they might be on the registry.” Julius goes to check Denver’s population registry to find Phil’s wife.

Jolene arrives at Doc’s lab, tells her she was attacked again and goes hysterical. Doc conducts an experiment on the vampire repellant shots and finds out the shots are causing Jolene’s violent outbursts.

Barry follows Vanessa and offers to help her by giving her blood. Vanessa’s eyes turn red. She tells him to run from her as she tries to control her urge to kill him.

Doc informs Caitlin, one of Blaktek’s scientists, of her discovery. But Caitlin dismisses her saying the shots work and side effects are nothing compared to making people feel. Doc talks about the Daywalkers and whether the shots would work on them. Caitlin thinks they are just wild stories.

Phil reminisces the time he was turned vampire by Julius and how he killed his children. He decides to jump off a tall building. Julius tries to stop him by telling him he found his wife. Phil does not believe him. “I forgive you,” Phil says before jumping off.

Vanessa arrives at the B’ah’s lair. Axel tries to free himself while Vanessa fights off the B’ah’s minions. Thanks to Master Tsui’s training, Vanessa manages to kill every last one of them.  The B’ah puts up a vicious fight, but she is no match to Vanessa and Axel. Vanessa cuts the B’ah’s head off with her dagger.

Vanessa and Axel return to the hideout and give Scarlett the B’ah’s blood to counteract the poison. Axel decides to take the survivors to Denver. Scarlett tries to stop him, but his decision is firm. He makes her promise to meet him at the place they talked about and gives her his dog tag. Scarlett gives him her ninja knife in exchange. Vanessa promises Axel she’ll take care of Scarlett and bids farewell. Scarlett then kisses Axel goodbye.

Scarlett asks Vanessa about her plan. “We kill the Elders, take their totems, and resurrect the Dark One ourselves. We end this once and for all.” Vanessa answers.

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