Vanhelsing everything changes

Van Helsing S02E07: “Everything Changes” — In a flashback, Dmitri is running away from someone. But whoever is running after him catches up to him. “Van Helsing. So, we meet again.”, he says.

Dmitri is locked up in the Farm. A doctor and military men keep him hostage. He is subjected to experiments before someone helps him break out of the facility.

Back to the present, Vanessa and Scarlett face Dmitri and his army. Dmitri reveals that at the time he was held prisoner in the Farm, twin girls were crying at night. One more a vampire than the other, but both born of the same blood — Van Helsing blood.  He tells them that they do not know their destiny. He orders his army to take the sisters. Vanessa and Scarlett put up a ferocious fight, but they are outnumbered. Vanessa gives the key to Scarlett and tells her to guard it with her life. She then drinks Scarlett’s blood, which boosts her powers more than any other human blood.  Her boosted fighting skills and Scarlett’s wit give them the advantage to escape Dmitri’s grip.

Scab, Dmitri’s minion, is brought to the sisterhood’s lair. He tries to convince their leader, Maya, about Dmitri’s request. Maya laughs at him and threatens to kill him. He tells her about Vanessa’s ability to change vampire back into being human. Maya still does not budge because Dmitri used her and killed his sisters. She throws Scab away. Scab crawls back to her feet. Maya picks him up. He then stabs her throat with a wooden crucifix. The rest of the sisterhood vows allegiance to him.

Flesh, Lucky, and Mohamad are still in the woods looking for Vanessa. Flesh is frustrated that the ambulance-turned-armored-vehicle is gone. It turns out, Doc and Julius beat them to it.

Doc and Julius arrive with Wanda, the vehicle from the hospital in Seattle. They meet Scarlett for the first time. Axel is not doing great, but Vanessa still refuses to bite him. Axel grabs a gun and threatens to kill himself if Vanessa still won’t do it. Vanessa is left with no choice. So she bites Axel. He then turns into a human again. But wait, he collapses and loses consciousness. Doc and Vanessa try to revive him, but they fail — Axel dies.

Doc and Julius dig Axel’s resting place while Vanessa kisses Axel goodbye. The group bids farewell to Axel then buries him.

The group is still devastated over losing Axel. They talk about the awakening of an Elder and try to decide on whether to destroy the key or not.  But Vanessa hears something. He orders Julius to drive back. Vanessa runs towards Axel’s grave and starts digging. Scarlett claims she can hear it too and helps Vanessa. Vanessa opens Axel’s body bag. He is still dead, but she swears she hears his heartbeat. Surprisingly, Axel wakes up from the dead.

Vanessa and Axel enjoy their happy reunion. They talk about how things went after they got separated. Axel and Doc also settle their issue. Axel now forgives her for what she did to him. Scarlett divulges to Vanessa that after she bit her, everything changes. Vanessa wonders if Scarlett can turn people back too. Scarlett asks her what they will do with the key. Vanessa advises her to keep it. Vanessa does not know what to do with the Elder calling to her.

Sam watches Flesh, Lucky, and Mohamad from afar. The group finds a place to rest in. Mohamad’s wounds still bleed, and he relies on cocaine to ease the pain. Lucky suggests they re-dress his wounds and get rid of his shirt. Flesh volunteers to dispose of his shirt and the bandages. Mohamad refuses to let go of his favorite shirt. But he has no choice because his bloody shirt will attract vampires.

Flesh dumps the shirt and bandages on the river. He hears shots from Mohamad and Lucky’s direction. Mohamad is gone. Lucky says a vampire took him. Sam is happy to see his Mohamad again.

Vanessa’s group rests for the night. Axel is on guard duty while everyone sleeps. Vanessa, Scarlett, Doc, and Julius see the same vision in their dreams. They all see the mountain with the red sky. It seems that it is where the Elder is buried. Vanessa plans to beat Dmitri there and kill the Elder. Sounds like a good plan. But a helicopter arrives at their location. Axel runs towards it, saying it is military. The helicopter drops gas that knocks them all out. Armed and masked men get off from the Helicopter. Axel tries to fight them. Their leader talks to the dazed Vanessa and tells her that they have been looking for her for a long time. He reassures her not to worry because they are here to help. They take her away, leaving the rest of the group behind.

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