vanhelsing s02e10 base pair

Van Helsing S02E10: “Base Pair” — A man walks through the woods to Crooked Falls. He follows the maps attached to the deflated red balloons. Unfortunately, he fails to reach his destination because a vampire attacks him.

Vanessa sees the visions in her dreams. She wakes up in an unfamiliar place. She hears a man calling out to her in the vent. Someone then knocks on her door. She opens it and meets a startled woman. She pins her to the wall and asks her where she is and where her friends are. Vanessa walks away before the woman could answer.

Vanessa is in a scientific facility called Blak Tek. She sees vampires imprisoned in glass cages. She attacks every person she sees until she comes across Dr. Bruce Harrison. Harrison introduces himself as the one who runs the facility. He assures her that she is safe. Vanessa asks about her friends. She knocks him out when he answers they left them behind. Vanessa then enters a room that features a panoramic view of the mountains. She realizes she is in a facility at a mountain top.

The woman she attacked earlier approaches her again. The woman introduces herself as Abigail, and tells Vanessa they’ve been looking for her since the Rising began. She asks if it is true that Vanessa can change people back. Vanessa replies that she needs to get back to her friends to make sure they are ok until then she is not answering any questions. Abigail comments on Dr. Harrison’s method of kidnapping Vanessa. But she firmly believes that with Vanessa’s help, the work Dr. Harrison is doing could save them all.

Vanessa talks to Dr. Harrison in his office. He mentions that the government hired him to try to find a cure for vampirism before the Rising. Vanessa thinks that she has seen Dr. Harrison before. He mentions that his father did some work at the Farm. She asks him what he wants with her. He answers he is not sure and inquires if she can turn vampires to humans. Vanessa does not answer. He invites her to come with him instead. She grabs his key card before she follows him.

Now at the lab, Dr. Harrison shows her Martin, a volunteer test subject who is now a vampire. He explains that they injected Martin with the newest trial inoculate using a dead version of what they believed was a vampiric virus. The serum turned him into a vampire instead of protecting him. He wants Vanessa to turn him back to being human so he could study his blood before, during, and after transformation. He hopes that maybe they could find a cure with Vanessa’s help. Vanessa answers him she has to think about it, then walks away. Abigail runs after her and calls her Essa.  Vanessa stops at the sound of the familiar name. Abigail explains that she knew her mother back at the Farm, and she used to call her Essa when she was little. Vanessa is intrigued by Abigail’s revelation.

The man on the other room talks to Vanessa again. He warns her to be careful who she trusts because most people have no idea what is going on. Their conversation, however, is cut short.

Vanessa grabs the key card and proceeds to Dr. Harrison’s office. There, she finds a book about vampires.

Abigail approaches her while she reads the book. She talks about Vanessa’s mother. She narrates how her mother accidentally got infected with an experimental serum developed from the DNA of a very special vampire while she was pregnant with her twins. That when the military found out that Vanessa and Scarlett are special, their mother had to run and hide them. Vanessa asks if her mother is alive. Abigail could not answer, then excuses herself. Vanessa then sees the inscription A.V.H in the book. She stops Abigail from walking away and asks if her name is Abigail Van Helsing. “You’re my mother.” She concludes.

 Abigail explains to Vanessa why she had to put her in hiding. Vanessa mentions that Scarlett was with her at the Farm. Her mother is surprised that Scarlett is alive. She is horrified when she realizes that her people left Scarlett behind when they took Vanessa. Vanessa consoles her and offers to help Dr. Harrison cure the vampire Martin.

The man on the other room talks to Vanessa again. He says it is good that she is helping, but there is so much more she can do. The man convinces Vanessa to follow her visions and let the Elder out. He adds that she should tell her mother about the visions because only she can help her.

Back at the lab, the vampire manages to free his hand and attacks Abigail. Vanessa and a technician come to her rescue. The vampire chokes the technician to death. Vanessa then grabs the vampire’s arm and bit him.

Martin is now human again. Vanessa asks him why he volunteered to be a test subject. Martin narrates his story leading to his decision. Abegail and Dr. Harrison start arguing. Vanessa checks up on her mother. Abigail relays that Dr. Harrison did not get the test result he wanted and that he wants Abigail to convince Vanessa to find the Elder and harvest his DNA to find recessive genes. Vanessa discloses that the Elder is calling to her. Abigail instructs her daughter to read the book about the Elder. He is the beginning of everything, she says. She then asks where the key is. Vanessa answers that Scarlett has it. Abigail warns her not to mention her visions nor the key to anyone.

Vanessa breaks into Dr. Harrison’s office again to investigate. She sees Dmitri’s file, as well as an old picture of a team of doctors, among which are Dr. Harrison and Abigail.  She realizes why Dr. Harrison is familiar — he was at the Farm when she was still a little girl.

Dr. Harrison informs Abigail that he did the blood work again, and it shows that Vanessa’s DNA does not have the answers. She asks her if she already talked to Vanessa about the Elder, and what is she not telling him. “I would rather be anywhere but here with you” Abigail answers.

Dr. Harrison goes to his office. Vanessa attacks him the moment he enters the door. She confronts him about not getting older. She accuses him of not working on a cure. He comes clean and explains that he developed the longevity drug on the Farm by accident and that he will die if does not continue taking it. Of course, Vanessa does not believe him. She knows he is only using her for selfish reasons. He tries to convince her still to go to the Elder for the sake of humanity. Vanessa then knocks him out again.

Vanessa walks in on her mother conducting an autopsy on Martin. Abigail explains that Martin crashed about an hour after he was turned. Vanessa is suspicious. She confirms that her mother knew Dr. Harrison is taking a longevity drug. But Abigail defends Dr. Harrison. She notes that Vanessa did not change. Her daughter is still quick to judge, slow to trust. But Vanessa says it does not mean she is wrong. She asks Abigail if she knows about the man in the room next to hers. She declares they are getting out of the facility, and they are taking the man with them.

Vanessa and Abigail are in search for the man. Vanessa opens his room with an ax. No one is there. She opens the vent and finds a speaker and realizes it was Harrison.

The emergency alarm goes off. They are looking for Vanessa and Abigail. They get cornered by the guards. Vanessa breaks the lock system and releases the vampires. The vampires attack the guards while she and Abigail run.

Vanessa is determined to escape from the facility. Abigail orders Vanessa to stop and to grow up for once. They need to stay and work with Harrison, she says. She adds that they need to get Scarlett and the key. The two of them can then follow their visions and lead them to the crypt. Abigail is sure it is the only way of finding the cure.

But Vanessa is skeptical. She asks Abigail if she knows about the voice in the vent. The man said the same thing about following her visions and freeing the Elder. She then asks Abigail where she hid the key to the crypt. Abigail answers he does not remember. “You are not my mom!” Vanessa exclaims. Abigail then shots Vanessa. “We’ll have your sister within the day, so we don’t need you anymore,” she says. She shots Vanessa again and adds that Scarlett has the key, has the same visions, and can lead them to the Elder. “Your mother did call you Essa, you know. She loved you with all her heart”, she says before shooting Vanessa again.

VanHelsing S02E09 wakey wakey scarlett axel

Van Helsing S02E09: “Wakey, Wakey” — It’s 1996, a vampire arrives at the Hilltop Cafe. He orders a raw steak, asks for a glass, squeezes the blood out of the stake, and then drinks it. After his meal, he asks for the Harkers. The waitress gives him directions. He leaves after paying for his meal.

Back in the present, the police officers are no match to the Sisterhood. Scarlet breaks free and helps Axel, Doc, and Julius. They grab some weapons before they escape. The remaining deputy asks them to take him, and in exchange, he will help them get to Crooked Falls. They run as the Sisterhood enters the building.

Scarlett suggests they split up. She hands the key to Julius and asks him to guard it with his life. The vampires will never suspect him having it, she adds. She and Axel try to draw the vampires away. Julius, Doc, and the deputy head for the mountain. The Sisterhood follows Scarlett’s trail of blood. But Dmitri is smart enough to go the other direction.

A vampire attacks the deputy out of nowhere. Julius kicks the vampire. The vampire reveals himself — it is Walt. Walt attacks Julius, but Julius beats him to death. They discover that the deputy was bitten by Walt. Doc kills him before he could turn into a vampire.

A flashback shows a teenager Scarlett making out with a boy in his truck. The making out turns into a fight when he calls her Scary Scarlett. She ends up pointing a knife at his throat. He pees on his pants out of fear. He calls her crazy bitch before driving away. Scarlett blames her dad that everyone thinks they are freaks. She is mad at him for turning her into a social outcast because he thinks she needs to be a great vampire killer. She says vampires are not real then walk away.

The Sisterhood catches up with Axel and Scarlett. It turns out bullets do not work on 200-year-old vampires. Scarlett leads Axel into an old cemetery. The Sisterhood stops pursuing them. Scarlett explains that they won’t fight on hallowed ground. The sisters are pure evil, but they still honor the dead, she adds. They then run towards the woods.

Axel and Scarlett lost the Sisterhood. They need a place to rest. An abandoned armored truck comes to sight. They run towards it. The truck is filled with cash and a corpse, too.

Julius and Doc rest at a convenience store. Julius is not getting enough of the junk food. The chips’ flavors did not exist back in his day. “Who knew sour cream and onion would taste so good together?” he exclaims. Doc laughs at him.

The teenager Scarlett deals with her frustrations by practicing on her knife skills. The vampire from the diner appears and snarls at her. Her dad shows up just in time and shoots the vampire. He scolds Scarlett for hesitating to kill the vampire and orders her to kill it. Scarlett is scared, but she is forced to follow her dad’s instructions. The vampire tells her she is weak and warns her that more will come, and she will die. Scarlett cuts his head with a samurai.

Back in the armored truck, Axel asks Scarlett how did she get so Kung fu-ey. She shares how his dad trained her to kill vampires since she was a kid. Scarlett asks him about his story. Axel opens up about how he lost his sister when he was 13 years old. It is the reason why he never left Vanessa when she was sleeping back in the hospital. Their heart to heart talk turns into physical intimacy.

The Sisterhood catches up to them. The sisters cannot get inside, but they are surrounded. The vampires smoke them out, which gives them no choice but to go outside and fight.

Scarlet fights two of the sisters while Axel fights one. Axel’s body armor made of cash proves to be useful. One of the vampires invites Scarlett to join her and become a sister. Scarlett politely declines. Scarlett’s fighting skills are on par with two vampires. Axel manages to kill his opponent. Meanwhile, Scarlett gets bitten by one of hers. To her surprise, her wound heals instantly, and the one that bit her turns into a human. The remaining sister runs for her life. Scarlett thinks her ability to heal and turn vampires into humans started when Vanessa bit her. Vanessa’s bite wakes her Van Helsing blood.

Dmitri and Scab finally find Julius and Doc. Julius puts up a fight, but he is no match to Dmitri. Dmitri gains possession of the key. He lets Doc go and instructs her to tell Vanessa what happened. Doc runs, leaving the unconscious Julius behind.

Scarlett’s dad tries to make her understand that killing vampires is her purpose now. But the young Scarlett does not understand why they have to burn their house and disappear. Her dad explains that more vampires will come for her and that until she is ready, they have to make them think that she is dead. She sadly watches as the fire engulfs their house. Her dad swears that one day it will all make sense to her. They then go off the grid to continue her training.

Scarlett remembers the time when her dad told her that one day it will all make sense. But now that she knows more, the less that it makes sense. She says they have to find Vanessa. Axel agrees and says they have to, even if it kills him.  


Van Helsing S02E08: “Big Mama” — Axel wakes up in the field where they were knocked out by gas the night before.  Vanessa is nowhere in sight. He remembers what happened. He wakes Scarlett, Julius, and Doc up. They don’t know who took Vanessa, but they plan to find her.

While on the road, they hear sirens wailing. Behind them are police cars. They pull over. The police officers alighted from the vehicles. The Sheriff explains that they are just surprised to see another vehicle on the road and that they had to pull them over to check it out. Sheriff Walt Turner invites them to stop in town for barbeque and shower.

The group follows the police officers back to their place. Before inviting them inside, the police officers confiscate all their weapons, except for a knife which Scarlett manages to hide. They start to be suspicious.

Flesh and Lucky are in the woods trying to find Mohamad. They find Dmitri and his army with human hostages, instead. Some of the hostages are from the Triage, including the little girl Callie. They devise a plan to help the hostages.

Sheriff Turner gives his guests a house tour. They have a place big enough to house 200 people, two generators, they make their gasoline, and they have an armory filled with guns and weapons. Axel asks if they could get some ammo before they go. “Not a chance. Not one bullet.”, Walt answers. But he says he can offer them hot water, soap, a change of clothes, food, and gas. Hospitality only goes so far.

After a shower, Scarlett tells Axel she’s ready to go. She does not trust Walt. But Axel wants to stay for dinner.

Back in the woods, Flesh and Lucky track the vampires and their human prisoners. They succeed in their rescue mission. But Callie is missing.

Walt introduces the group to their cook and police dispatcher, Big Mama. Big Mama says she needs meat for their dinner. Walt invites them to come along to help prepare the roast. Axel and Scarlett volunteer. They soon discover the police officers eat vampires. No wonder they have an unlimited supply of meat. Walt tries to justify their gruesome ways.

Axel and Scarlett inform Doc and Julius that their hosts are cannibals and that their big feast is a vampire being roasted under a UV light. They discuss their exit plan.

Axel and Scarlett head out to the armory and grab some weapons. Doc grabs her things. But Julius, instead of getting his things, goes to the kitchen to see for himself. He opens the spit and sees a vampire being roasted. The vampire wakes up and tries to attack him. He kills it with a kitchen knife. Big Mama gets angry at him for spoiling dinner and attacks him from behind. Julius fights her off. He stabs her chest using the same knife.

Axel and Scarlet arrive at their vehicle. Doc then joins them. Julius, on the other hand, is late. The police officers fire at them. Walt demands them to open the door. Axel then obliges. Walt asks them who gutted Big Mama. They all look at Julius.

Now held hostage, Walt interrogates them. Scarlett manages to cut the ropes with her knife. She puts up a fight, plunges the knife into Walt’s leg, and points a gun to his head. But she is outnumbered. To save Scarlett, Julius offers to tell them what they want to know. He confesses that he killed Big Mama because he could not stand what she was doing to a vampire. Doc tries to stop him, but he blurts out that he used to be a vampire. Walt is not buying it. Doc admits that she and Axel were vampires, too. A deputy interjects he wonders what they taste like. Walt says they ought to find out. He then orders his men to set up the roof for the test.

Axel, Scarlett, Doc, and Julius are held in the rooftop with ropes around their neck. Walt says this is justice for killing Big Mama, but an old-school type justice — a Salem witch trial. They will toss them over one by one. If they die from hanging, they are humans. But if they live, they are vampires, and they will be eaten. Fortunately, and unfortunately, at the same time, the test is cut short by the arrival of the Sisterhood. Scarlett warns the police that the Sisterhood are killers. But Walt is confident they can defeat them. A deputy points out that they have the advantage of the rooftop, right before a spear made of bone plunges through his chest. Scarlett tries to convince Walt to let them go, or else they all die. Walt orders his men to go down and get their “dinner” instead.

Vanhelsing everything changes

Van Helsing S02E07: “Everything Changes” — In a flashback, Dmitri is running away from someone. But whoever is running after him catches up to him. “Van Helsing. So, we meet again.”, he says.

Dmitri is locked up in the Farm. A doctor and military men keep him hostage. He is subjected to experiments before someone helps him break out of the facility.

Back to the present, Vanessa and Scarlett face Dmitri and his army. Dmitri reveals that at the time he was held prisoner in the Farm, twin girls were crying at night. One more a vampire than the other, but both born of the same blood — Van Helsing blood.  He tells them that they do not know their destiny. He orders his army to take the sisters. Vanessa and Scarlett put up a ferocious fight, but they are outnumbered. Vanessa gives the key to Scarlett and tells her to guard it with her life. She then drinks Scarlett’s blood, which boosts her powers more than any other human blood.  Her boosted fighting skills and Scarlett’s wit give them the advantage to escape Dmitri’s grip.

Scab, Dmitri’s minion, is brought to the sisterhood’s lair. He tries to convince their leader, Maya, about Dmitri’s request. Maya laughs at him and threatens to kill him. He tells her about Vanessa’s ability to change vampire back into being human. Maya still does not budge because Dmitri used her and killed his sisters. She throws Scab away. Scab crawls back to her feet. Maya picks him up. He then stabs her throat with a wooden crucifix. The rest of the sisterhood vows allegiance to him.

Flesh, Lucky, and Mohamad are still in the woods looking for Vanessa. Flesh is frustrated that the ambulance-turned-armored-vehicle is gone. It turns out, Doc and Julius beat them to it.

Doc and Julius arrive with Wanda, the vehicle from the hospital in Seattle. They meet Scarlett for the first time. Axel is not doing great, but Vanessa still refuses to bite him. Axel grabs a gun and threatens to kill himself if Vanessa still won’t do it. Vanessa is left with no choice. So she bites Axel. He then turns into a human again. But wait, he collapses and loses consciousness. Doc and Vanessa try to revive him, but they fail — Axel dies.

Doc and Julius dig Axel’s resting place while Vanessa kisses Axel goodbye. The group bids farewell to Axel then buries him.

The group is still devastated over losing Axel. They talk about the awakening of an Elder and try to decide on whether to destroy the key or not.  But Vanessa hears something. He orders Julius to drive back. Vanessa runs towards Axel’s grave and starts digging. Scarlett claims she can hear it too and helps Vanessa. Vanessa opens Axel’s body bag. He is still dead, but she swears she hears his heartbeat. Surprisingly, Axel wakes up from the dead.

Vanessa and Axel enjoy their happy reunion. They talk about how things went after they got separated. Axel and Doc also settle their issue. Axel now forgives her for what she did to him. Scarlett divulges to Vanessa that after she bit her, everything changes. Vanessa wonders if Scarlett can turn people back too. Scarlett asks her what they will do with the key. Vanessa advises her to keep it. Vanessa does not know what to do with the Elder calling to her.

Sam watches Flesh, Lucky, and Mohamad from afar. The group finds a place to rest in. Mohamad’s wounds still bleed, and he relies on cocaine to ease the pain. Lucky suggests they re-dress his wounds and get rid of his shirt. Flesh volunteers to dispose of his shirt and the bandages. Mohamad refuses to let go of his favorite shirt. But he has no choice because his bloody shirt will attract vampires.

Flesh dumps the shirt and bandages on the river. He hears shots from Mohamad and Lucky’s direction. Mohamad is gone. Lucky says a vampire took him. Sam is happy to see his Mohamad again.

Vanessa’s group rests for the night. Axel is on guard duty while everyone sleeps. Vanessa, Scarlett, Doc, and Julius see the same vision in their dreams. They all see the mountain with the red sky. It seems that it is where the Elder is buried. Vanessa plans to beat Dmitri there and kill the Elder. Sounds like a good plan. But a helicopter arrives at their location. Axel runs towards it, saying it is military. The helicopter drops gas that knocks them all out. Armed and masked men get off from the Helicopter. Axel tries to fight them. Their leader talks to the dazed Vanessa and tells her that they have been looking for her for a long time. He reassures her not to worry because they are here to help. They take her away, leaving the rest of the group behind.

Van Helsing S02E06-Veritas Vincit

Van Helsing S02E06: “Veritas Vincit” — Susan appears in Vanessa’s dreams. She leads Vanessa to where the red door is — it is on the Farm. She says truth is waiting for Vanessa behind the red door.

Vanessa wakes up from her dream. She and Julius head to the Farm. They talk about their dreams. Julius thanks Vanessa for giving him the ability to dream again. They unexpectedly meet Doc and Axel along the way.

Doc is relieved they finally found Vanessa. She is surprised to meet Julius, though. Vanessa cannot believe that Axel is still alive, but now a vampire. She refuses to turn Axel back into being human. She’s afraid that what happened to Dylan might happen to Axel.

Doc begs Vanessa to help Axel. But Vanessa refuses.

Vanessa requests Julius to stay with Doc and Axel and get fuel and a vehicle. She heads to the Farm alone.

Dmitri also dreams of the red door. He says that Vanessa has changed their destiny and that the world now hangs in her balance. It is not Vanessa that he fears, but the Elder she has awakened. He needs to find the Elder before Vanessa does, and then use it against her, he adds. He orders his new vampire minion to find the sisterhood and seek allegiance with them.

Doc feeds Axel with Julius’ blood, but it’s not sustaining him. Doc panics for a second, thinking Axel is dead. But Axel wakes up and looks for Vanessa. Axel then goes after her. Doc and Julius do what Vanessa requested.

Vanessa arrives at the Farm. The mysterious masked ninja catches up with her. The ninja turns out to be a woman, and her name is Scarlet Harker. Axel jumps out of nowhere, but she quickly stabs him. Vanessa stops her from killing Axel. Her fighting skills match that of Vanessa. They reach a stalemate and decide to just discover what is behind the red door.

Dmitri’s new minion meets with the sisterhood. They are mysterious female vampires wearing white masks. They doubt Dmitri’s motive as to why their 200 years of blood feud needs to come to an end.

Vanessa cracks the red door’s code with her name. As they navigate through the corridors, Vanessa asks what Scarlet’s story is. Scarlet shares how her parents prepared for doomsday, and that she was attacked by a vampire even before the rising. As they investigate further, they realize that they have been in the place when they were kids and that they are sisters. Memories of them as children, together with their mother, comes flashing as they see their old playroom. They remember the key hidden behind the mural in the playroom.  After Vanessa gets the key, the telephone rings. Vanessa answers it and a woman speaks to her. The facility rumbles and the telephone line drops. Scarlet and Vanessa run outside to check on Axel. On their way out, they come face to face with Dmitri and his army.


Dmitri emerges from his bloody bath fully healed. Antonasia joins him. She assures him that all that he wishes, all that he desires, she will provide — even Vanessa.

Back at the citadel, the survivors are running to the woods where the resistance field hospital is located.

Vanessa and Hohamad now have Dylan. They try to escape from the citadel.

The survivors arrive at the Triage. Raul and Jolene discuss what to do next. Doc attends to one of the wounded. Jolene thanks Doc for saving a lot of people in the resistance. They talk about a town called Crooked Falls, a place that is supposedly above the clouds. Doc shares about herself. How she lost everything and everyone she cares about and about finding a purpose, a chance to start over.

A little girl arrives at the Triage. Doc sees her. It’s Callie. Doc asks her how did she make it this far alone and what happened to the others. She tells her what happened to Catherine. Callie asks about the hospital in Seattle. Doc shushes her. She tells her not to talk about the hospital, Seattle, or Axel. That whatever she knows, whatever she thinks she knows, she keeps it to herself. She made Callie pinky swear.  

Mohamad leads Vanessa and Dylan into the woods. Vampires howl from a distant. Dylan howls back.

Raul shows Doc the fridge. He informs her that four pints of blood is missing. She demands that she explains why. Doc cannot. He then instructs her to keep a close eye on the fridge. Someone is not who they seem, and he is finding out who.

Vampires come howling in Vanessa’s direction. An army arrives with Antonasia. Dylan runs to Antonasia, but Vanessa stops her. Mohamad insists that Vanessa should run and take Dylan while he holds the army off. She obliges and grabs Dylan. Mohamad runs out of ammo and fights hand in hand with the army. A knife plunges through Antonia’s head before she could kill Mohamad. A mysterious ninja appears and kills the rest of the army.  

Vanessa drags Dylan to a barn. Dylan begs her mother to feed her. Vanessa wants to but refuses because it could hurt her daughter.

Callie walks in the dark toward a cave in the woods. She puts a bag of blood on the ground. A vampire grabs it and then feeds on it.

Flesh and Lucky found the injured Mohamad. Mohamad narrates to Flesh what happened to Vanessa and that there’s someone else searching for her. He insists that Flesh should go find Vanessa. Flesh refuses to leave him alone to die in the woods.

Doc approaches Jolene while on guard duty. Jolene thanks Doc for saving Carl’s life. A noise startles them. It’s Callie bringing in two dead rabbits. She claims she caught them all by herself.

The next morning, Doc follows Callie to the woods. A dead rabbit lies outside the cave. Callie puts down two bags of blood in exchange for it.  Doc asks her what she is doing. Callie explains that he could not let the vampire in the cave die and that ferals would have gotten to her had he not saved her. A vampire storms out of the cave. It startles Doc. Doc brings out her rifle and warns him to back off, or else she will kill him. The vampire looks at her. It is Axel. Doc, horrified by the sight, drops her gun and runs. But Axel catches up to her. She begs him to let her go. He demands that she get all the blood and brings them to him. Doc refuses. Axel then threatens her and demands that she help him find Vanessa.

Doc takes all the blood in the fridge and puts them in a cooler. Jolene catches her and expresses her disappointment. Doc explains that she has to make amends for what she’s done and for the person she’s been. Jolene accuses her of stealing to sell the blood. She then realizes that Doc is giving them to a vampire. Doc tries to explain that she’s the reason why he became a vampire and that she can’t walk away from that. Jolene pulls her gun out and points it to Doc. Doc reveals all her lies and explains that it is the only way she knows to save herself. She walks away. Jolene cannot pull the trigger.

Vanessa wakes up and finds Dylan looking at the sun. It is not burning her. They rekindle fond memories together. A vampire howls from a distance. Dylan runs, but Vanessa tries to stop her. Dylan then cuts her mother’s throat and runs away.

Doc and Axel are on their way to find Vanessa.

Vanessa’s wound heals, and she regains consciousness. She then runs after Dylan. Dylan meets with Julius. Julius holds her hostage.

Callie tells everyone at the Triage about Doc. Raul finds out that Jolene let Doc go. He then orders the rest of the resistance to find and kill Axel and bring Doc back alive.

Flesh and Lucky decide to go to the Triage to save Mohamad instead of finding Vanessa.

A feral attacks Doc. Axel watches while she screams for help. The feral gets hold of Axel’s blood supply.

Vannesa catches up to Julius and Dylan. A ferocious fight ensues. Vanessa then ends up biting Julius. He then turns back into being a human. He thanks Vanessa for saving him.

VanHelsing s01e13 it begins

Dmitri holds Vanessa hostage at the citadel. He tells Vanessa that something life-changing now begins and that he plans to learn everything there is to learn about her blood. He also reveals Vanessa’s true identity — she is a Van Helsing.

Dr. Sholomenko approaches the chained Vanessa. Vanessa asks him to help her, but he refuses because he wants to experiment on her. Using her blood as a weapon, he is helping to create day-walkers. He whispers to be patient and wait for her chance. He then loosens the belt tying her hand and leaves.

Meanwhile, Mohamad reunites with Sheema. Vanessa tries to escape, but Dmitri and Rebecca stop her.

Mohamad and Sheema talk about how Sheema got her room and food. She says they both could stay at the citadel. Mohamad tells her he did everything to get her out. But Sheema does not want to get out. She likes it in the citadel. Mohamad tells her he is leaving.

Dr. Sholomenko informs Dmitri, Antonasia, and Rebecca that he is ready to proceed with the removal of Vanessa’s eggs. Dmitri gives him the go signal. Dmitri asks Rebecca for any news on the Resistance. Rebecca lies to him.

At the Resistance settlement, a rumor that Vanessa is in the citadel reaches Taka. He is going back to check it out. Flesh suggests that they should attack before the vampires do anything to her.

Dr. Sholomenko brings a bag of blood to Vanessa and tells her to feed on it. Dmitri tells Vanessa that her mother also wanted to kill him. She asks him what he knows about her mother. Dmitri does not answer. Instead, he orders her to feed. Dr. Sholomenko wants to find out what effect blood has on her powers.

Mohamad visits Vanessa. Vanessa expresses her disappointment with his betrayal, saying she trusted him with her life. Mohamad apologizes and explains he had to do it. But Vanessa refuses to accept his explanation. Mohamad breaks the news that Sheema likes working for the vampires, and she does to want to leave the citadel. Vanessa says she is sorry for him because he sold his soul for nothing and asks him to go. Mohamad hands her a small knife before he leaves. Vanessa then stabs herself in the heart.

Dmitri reveals that Vanessa’s people have consistently and relentlessly hunted vampires for centuries. He expresses his admiration and respect to her great great great grandfather, Abraham. He tells her that her mother was a real warrior until she had a child. That her mother hid Vanessa before she died.

Taka arrives at the citadel. Rebecca welcomes him. Taka informs her that the Resistance is going to tear the citadel down with her help. Rebecca wants Taka to attack the citadel the next day. She wants to take Vanessa from Dmitri, so she could use her. She offers Taka an island off-limits to any vampire in exchange for his help. They agree to get rid of Dmitri first.

Vanessa is starving in her cell. She decides to finally give in and drink the blood. The blood boosts her super powers.

Taka briefs his followers on the coordinated attack. He orders them to kill everyone at the citadel. Flesh steps in and asks if he intends to kill Vanessa, too. Taka answers in the affirmative. Flesh declares that he is going to the citadel to save her, not to kill her.

Mohamad packs Sheema’s things. Sheema gets mad at him and tries to convince him that the citadel is a safer place than anywhere else. Mohamad insists that they should go. Sheema tells him that the citadel is about to be attacked, and she will help stop them. But Mohamad does not budge. Sheema then knocks him off with a vase.

Vanessa fights Dmitri. Dmitri runs before she could pull his heart out. She then fights with Rebecca. The Resistance attacks the citadel. Rebecca gets the chance to run from Vanessa. Vanessa followed suit. Taka meets with the injured Dmitri. Taka reveals to him that Rebecca betrayed him. Dmitri laughs when he learns that Rebecca offered Taka the Fox Island, saying it does not exist. Before Taka kills him, he offers Taka a deal.

Vanessa follows Rebecca to a room. She finally sees her daughter Dylan. Now a vampire, and in the hands of Rebecca.

Back at the farm, Axel emerges as a vampire.


Sam goes after Mohamad and Vanessa. Mohamad knows that Sam is afraid of water, so they cross the river to buy themselves some time. Sam pledges to find and kill them.

Vanessa and Mohamad walk through the woods. Sam has to drink a rabbit’s blood to survive. Vanessa and Mohamad arrive at a cabin in the woods. They decide to stay for the night and to go to the nearest human camp in the morning. As they settle in, Mohamad shares about how Sam has saved and always looked out for him. He admits that besides Sheema, Sam is the closest thing he got for a family. Finding out that Sam is the killer and now one of the vampires is sad for him. Vanessa then asks him what Sam meant when he said to tell Vanessa the truth before they left him in the woods. Mohamad shrugs her off by saying Sam was only begging for his life and tried to make them second guess what they were about to do.

News that Eden is empty and that all the humans are gone frustrate Julius. Magdalene tells him that humans were warned. She adds that she bit the human which Vanessa cured, but she did not turn back into a vampire. Julius then shots an arrow into her heart. He orders his vampires to burn Eden and hunt the humans.

Flesh and Theo lead the humans escaping from Eden. They have not gotten far when the vampires start burning the place.

At the cabin, Vanessa and Mohamad prepare for their trip to the camp. Mohamad says it is where Sheema is. Vanessa is hesitant to go, but Mohamad insists that there are buildings in the camp where they keep the kids, and she might find Dylan there. He succeeds in convincing her.

Dmitri summons Julius to the citadel. Sam reaches the cabin and finds out where Vanessa and Mohamad are heading. The humans execute their plan to infiltrate the citadel. Taka plants explosives on the generator.

Meanwhile, Vanessa and Mohamad talks about the camp and plans to free Sheema and Dylan. Sam catches up on them. Vanessa puts up a fight and Sam escapes.

Sam arrives at Julius’ camp. Julius’ mother gives the dying Sam a human to feed on. She demands information from Sam about Vanessa, Mohamad, and everything she wants to know.

Someone from the citadel helps taka execute his plans. Elsewhere, Flesh meets Brendan. Mohamad and Vanessa devise a strategy to enter the camp silently.

Julius reports to Dmitri. Dmitri expresses his disappointment and challenges Julius to take his power to rule. Julius attacks Dmitri, but he is no match to an ancient vampire. Dmitri spares Julius’ life, saying it is still not his time. Dmitri intends to resurrect the Elders, restore them to their dominion, and allow them to live a thousand lifetimes. Such plans will not succeed if the vampires are divided.

Mohamad has second thoughts on going into the camp. He says there are things he wants to tell Vanessa. Vanessa tells him that they have to focus on what’s important — Dylan and Sheema. They arrive at the camp and decide to split up to cover more grounds. Mohamad points out where Vanessa might find Dylan. Vanessa willingly walks into the trap.

Flesh arrives at the Resistance’ settlement. He meets Taka who asks for his help to find Vanessa. Meanwhile, Julius arrives at his camp to find his mother dead with a missing index finger.

Vanessa finds out that the camp does not keep children. That the camp is a blood farm and they only keep the old and the sick. She realizes Mohamad betrayed her. She finally meets Dmitri. Mohamad says he had no choice. Vanessa attacks Dmitri but fails. Dmitri tells her she looks just like her mother before she passes out.  

Van Helsing - S01e11 last time

Julius holds Magdalene hostage for her failure to bring him the newborn. Magdalene tells him that the arrangement was broken by the woman he seeks. She offers to take Julius to Vanessa.

Vanessa, Susan, Mohamad, and Sam arrive at Susan’s family farm but no one is there. Susan discovers that her mother died before The Rising, but her father never told her about it. At the attic, they find a radio with a broken mic. Someone on the other side communicates to them and tells them that Denver is the place to go. The news gives them hope. While they discuss what to do next, a noise from outside interrupts them. Susan’s father, now-turned-vampire, feeds on their horse Strider. They tie Susan’s father in the barn and decides what to do with him. Susan shots her father in the head. Vanessa, Mohamad, and Sam look for Susan. Sam found her in the woods, comforts her, and kills her. He then cut her finger.

Elsewhere, the sun burns Dmitri’s hands. Rebecca promises him that they will walk in the sunshine together soon. Dmitri is getting tired of Rebecca’s promises. He pressures her to make her promises a reality. She reassures him she knows the way.

Mohamad searches for Susan inside the house. He checks on Sam’s backpack and finds his collection of fingers. Mohamad attempts to tell Vanessa. Sam admits to them that he killed Susan before could Mohamad reveal that he is the killer. Vanessa finds Susan’s body in the woods. She asks Sam why he has killed Susan. Sam confesses it is just the way he is since he was a boy. Vanessa and Mohamad take Sam to the woods. Sam tries to tell Vanessa Mohamad’s secret. Mohamad attacks him. Vanessa and Mohamad leave Sam to die in the woods.

Rebecca confides to Dmitri about the human’s plan to attack their fortress and use the sunlight as a weapon. She suggests they double their efforts to capture Vanessa. Dmitri disapproves of her ideas and tells her that a plan is already in motion.

In the woods, the mortally-injured Sam is bleeding. A feral closes in as he tries to crawl his way to safety. The feral catches up with Sam and bites him. Back at Susan’s farm, Vanessa and Mohamad bury Susan. They hear Sam’s scream from a distance. Vanessa decides to go to Denver and suggests they take their separate ways. Before Mohamad could finish telling her his plans, the deaf Sam screams that he can hear them. Vanessa and Mohamad run for their lives. Sam digs Susan’s grave and feeds on her.


Vanessa and the rest of the group are in the woods when a group of ferals attacks them. When they are about to be defeated in the fight, two archers come to help them. Their saviors bring them to a place called Eden.

Eden promises them enough food, medicine, and safety. Micah, Eden’s leader, welcomes them. Micah asks them what they were doing in the woods. Vanessa tells him that they are heading south but they keep running into bad situations one after another. Even if some of the people in Eden are unwelcoming, Micah gives them a place to stay. The bell starts tolling again and three vampires arrive. Magdalene and his vampires come to collect fresh blood. They are three days early. Micah and his people can only provide half of what was agreed upon. Magdalene tells Micah about the fugitives from the city and demands that Micah tells her what he knows. Micah denies any knowledge about these fugitives. Magdalene instructs him to find the special woman and inform her.

Micah shares to Vanessa’s group about cutting a deal with the vampires so they can live peacefully in Eden. Instead of being murdered or enslaved, they would rather co-exist with the vampires. Micah asks as to why Julius is seeking Vanessa. Vanessa denies being special and tells him that he is only in a quest to find her daughter.

Vanessa talks to Theo about Eden being too good to be true. Theo admits he was skeptical about it at first, but he assures her that inside Eden’s walls, they are safe from the horrors lurking out there. Vanessa tells him that walls and barricades mean safety but, eventually, the real world comes crushing in.

Sam finds Mohamad’s shirt and follows the man who hung it. Instead, Sam is locked up by Xavier. Meanwhile, Vanessa and Susan walk around Eden. Susan notices that there a lot of pregnant women but there are no children in Eden. Somewhere within Eden’s walls, Peggy is giving birth. Doc performs a C-section to deliver the child.

Vanessa asks Micah what is going to happen to the baby they just delivered. Micah answers hat the children in Eden are sent to the Resistance to become the new generation of freedom fighters. Vanessa talks to Doc about what happened to Axel. Vanessa finds out that Doc shuts the door on Axel and left him to die.  Doc explains that she had to do it. Vanessa tells her that they should part ways.

Emma is taking care of the sick Mohamad. Mohamad tells her she has to find her sister. Flesh approaches Micah and seeks help on how to let go of his pain.

Vanessa catches up with Theo in a sword fight. Vanessa mentions to him about her abilities. Meanwhile, Sam finds out about Micah and Magdalene’s true relationship before he escapes from the room. Doc asks Micah what he did to Flesh. Micah offers to help Doc.

Sam and Mohamad reunite. Sam sees the man who locked him up and kills him in front of Mohamad.

Beth leaves Peggy and the baby the at rendezvous point. Magdalene arrives to take them, but Theo and Vanessa come to rescue Peggy and the baby. They learn from Magdalene that the baby was promised to her by Micah as part of their blood pact. Vanessa and Theo let Magdalene go in exchange for Peggy’s and her baby’s lives. Vanessa compels Beth to talk.

Sam and Mohamad try to flee from Eden. Micah and the others stop them. Micah confides to Flesh as to what they should do to Vanessa’s group for killing Xavier. Flesh suggests that they banish them. But Micah tells him otherwise. Sam reveals to everyone that Magdalene is Micah’s wife. Vanessa comes and reveals that the newborns don’t go to the Resistance but are given to Magdalene. Disappointed with what he learned, Flesh stabs Micah’s back and kills him. 

Flesh decides to stay in Eden. Vanessa bids farewell to Theo. Theo gives her a katana. Doc warns Magdalene that Theo is coming to kill her and breaks the news of Micah’s death. She offers to help Magdalene escape in exchange for turning her back to being a vampire. But she cannot be turned back.