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Vincent Gale is a Scottish-born Canadian film and television actor born 6 March 1968. His most notable award is the Genie Award for Best Supporting Actor at the 2002 Genie Awards for his performance in the film Last Wedding.

He is best known as “Flesh” on the Syfy network series Van Helsing. He also starred in the television series The Dragon Prince, Queer as Folk, Neon Rider, X-Men: Evolution, Da Vinci’s Inquest, Dragon Boys, Blackstone, Eureka, Stargate Universe, Bates Motel, Battlestar Galactica, Supernatural, Arrow, and Supergirl. His other acting credits include the films Firewall, Fathers & Sons, Bye Bye Blues, Inuyasha: Affections Touching Across Time, and Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II.

Vincent Gale as Flesh

Flesh, whose real name is Phil Fleischman, is one of the main characters of SyFy’s Van Hesling. Phil was bitten by a vampire named Julius on the day of the Rising. His children were his first victims as a vampire. He later became Julius’ top lieutenants and went by the name Flesh. Three years after The Rising, he was sent to bite and kill Vanessa, who lays unconscious at the hospital. His bite awakens her, and her blood turned him back to being human.

As a vampire, Flesh had no conscience and has done a number of terrible acts under Julius’ command. He possessed the typical abilities associated with vampires, such as healing abilities, speed, super strength, and longevity.

As a human, Flesh is a decent man, but he lives with the guilt of what he once was, especially with what he did to his family. He tries to make it up for all the horrible things he has done, and he helps Vanessa in any way possible. Now that he is human again, Flesh prefers to be called Phil. Phil hates Julius more than anyone. After biting Vanessa, he lost all his vampiric abilities and became immune to vampirism. His blood is also not appetizing to vampires, and he can sense Vanessa’s presence. His old shoulder injury has reemerged, and his poor eyesight has returned. After being bitten by the Daywalkers, he can heal from any injury almost instantaneously. He can also resurrect every time he dies.

Phil Fleischman currently leads his wife and son to a safe place away from vampires.


Rukiya Bernard is a Canadian actress, producer, and interior designer. Bernard was born in Toronto, Ontario, on January 20, 1983, to a Kenyan mother and Jamaican father. From a very young age, Bernard’s parents immersed her in sport and art programming. She took part in basketball and track while studying classical ballet, piano, and karate. She was also accepted into Ryerson University’s theatre program from which she graduated with honors. Rukiya Bernard has two children.

Rukiya Bernard is best known for her roles as Support Stager in HGTV’s The Stagers, Portia in the 2015 film The Unspoken, Eden Cavanaugh in FOX’s Killer Instinct, and Doc in Syfy’s Van Helsing. Bernard’s feature film credits include Stuck (2007), The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008), Tooth Fairy (2010), The Cabin in the Woods (2012), and Colossal (2016).

Rukiya Bernard as Doc

Doc, whose real name is Sarah Carol, worked at Seattle Valley General Hospital before The Rising. She was tasked to examine Vanessa Van Helsing‘s ‘corpse.’ She found that Vanessa is neither dead nor alive. Six months after The Rising, Doc was turned into a vampire. She was bitten by a vampire while doing a very selfish act. Axel locked her up and kept her alive until Vanessa cured her.

Doc thinks more of herself than the people around her, even if they sacrificed for her. In a matter of life and death, she would always choose to save herself even if others still have a chance to survive. She even left Axel to die at the Farm when she could have done something to save him. She also lacks the ability to gain composure during a combat situation, causing her to recklessly act before thinking. Despite that, Doc is very intelligent, practical, and quite empathetic. And she tried her best to make up for her shortcomings, saving several people in the process, including Axel.

Just like everyone else cured by Vanessa, Doc is immune to the vampire bite, and her blood is unappetizing and does not provide nourishment to vampires. Doc can also sense Vanessa’s presence.

Christopher Heyerdahl as sam

Christopher Heyerdahl is an award-winning Canadian actor born in British Columbia on September 18, 1963.  He is of Norwegian and Scottish descent. He studied at the University of Oslo and can speak Norwegian.

Heyerdahl plays the character of a serial-killer-tuned-vampire leader named Sam in SyFy’s Van Helsing. He also has taken on another vampire role as Dieter Braun in True Blood in 2008. His most notable vampire role is Marcus in the adaptation movies of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga, New Moon, and Breaking Dawn. Marcus is part of a powerful Italian family called the Volturi. He likewise played the role of the demon Alastair in three episodes of Supernatural in 2005.

Christopher Heyerdahl is primarily known for his recurring role as the enigmatic Swede in AMC’s Hell on Wheels. He also portrayed the characters Halling and Wraith commander Todd in Stargate Atlantis. Heyerdahl also played the part of Zor-El in the television series Smallville, as well as playing John Druitt and Bigfoot in the series Sanctuary. He is also known for his role as Leonid in Are You Afraid of the Dark? episode The Thirteenth Floor and as Nosferatu in the episode Midnight Madness.

Christopher Heyerdahl as Sam

Sam is a deaf survivor of The Rising. He is not mute but speaks very little. Despite his disability, he managed to stay alive by relying on his strength and detective skills. He is always watching, evaluating, and waiting. He shares a very strong bond with Mohamad.

Sam is a member of the group of survivors who helped Axel from imminent death. He is skilled at masking his dark nature. Sam appears to be a kind and caring man, and it is unknown to his group that he is a sociopath and serial killer. He likes to strangle his victims and cut off the right index finger as a souvenir. His psychopathic tendencies were developed during his early years in life. He was raised in a secluded forest compound by his abusive father, who boxed his ears so hard he went deaf.

His killing spree was later on discovered and was left in the woods to die. Unfortunately, he was turned into a vampire. He then plots to take revenge on Vanessa and wreaks havoc in her life. He turned Mohamad into a Vampire and later killed his friend so he will be chosen by Dracula as the fourth and last surviving vampire elder.

Trezzo Mahoro

Trezzo Mahoro is a Rwandan actor born on July 18, 1996. He now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. His mother was a single parent, and he has younger siblings. There is little to no information available on his personal life. It is, however, a public knowledge that he started his interest in acting during his last year in high school when he was scouted at a High school performance by Agent Tea Buechner.

Mahoro’s first on-screen role was in 2015. He appeared in a Television movie titled Exposed and portrayed a character named Derek. Mahoro is known for his smaller roles in several television shows and films such as The Walking Dead in Hollywood Unaired Pilot, One Crazy Cruise, Motive, Sorority Murder, and Adventure in Babysitting. He is best known for his roles as Darius Wilson in The CW’s iZombie (2015), Ralphie in SyFy’s The Magicians (2015), Crewman in FOX’s The X-Files, and Mohamad in SyFy’s Van Helsing.

Trezzo Mahoro as Mohamad

Mohamad is one of the main characters in Seasons one, two, and three of SyFy’s Van Helsing. He is a happy guy who managed to keep his optimism and generally good nature despite living in a post-apocalyptic world. His character is described as street smart and full of fire. He is also brave with exceptional survival skills. After The Rising, he was taken to a camp by the vampires with his sister Sheema. They later escaped but got separated. He protected Doc and Vanessa when other survivors in the hospital wanted them dead. He is friends with Sam, who turned out to be the serial killer in the group.

At one point in Season 1, he betrayed Vanessa to save his sister from Dmitri. In Season 2, he was turned into a vampire by Sam after he tried killing himself. In Season 3, he became human again after feeding on Vanessa Van Helsing ‘s blood. He then becomes immune to the vampire bite and his blood becomes inedible to vampires. He can also sense Vanessa’s presence. But Mohamad is killed by Sam so that Sam would be chosen as the fourth and last elder.

axel miller-vanhelsing

Jonathan Scarfe is a Canadian film and television actor born December 16, 1975, to actor parents Alan Scarfe and Sara Botsford in Toronto, Ontario. He married actress Suki Kaiser on August 30, 1998. They have two children.


After dropping out of high school at age 15, he spent a year working at the Stratford Festival where he learned about acting. Jonathan Scarfe’s first major role was on the Canadian teen drama Madison. He made some television guest appearances in the police procedural series NYPD Blue, Cold Case; and CSI: Miami. He also starred in the drama series The L Word and the supernatural drama series Grimm. Scarfe portrays Sheldon Kennedy in the biographical drama television film The Sheldon Kennedy Story in 1999. And in 2004, he portrayed Jesus in the biographical drama television film Judas. He is also known for The Equalizer 2 (2018).

In addition to playing as Charlie Sagansky in the legal drama series Raising the Bar (2008–2009); Sydney Snow in the western period drama series Hell on Wheels; and Matt McLean on the family drama Ties That Bind, one of his most notable television roles is as Axel Miller on the Syfy’s horror-fantasy drama Van Helsing.

Jonathan Scarfe as Axel Miller

Jonathan Scarfe plays the role of Axel Miller, a military man whose last mission is to watch over the comatose Vanessa Helsing. His character is an authority figure, a loyal soldier, strictly by the book. Axel worked as a Marine in the United States Armed Forces and was based out of the Pacific Northwest.

Axel’s final mission is to retrieve a dead body from Seattle Valley General Hospital. The mission did not go as planned, and he ended up stuck at the hospital watching over Doc and Vanessa Van Helsing. Axel demonstrates unwavering devotion and loyalty to both duty and his wards, despite years of isolation and endless vampire attacks. He believes that the mission always comes first no matter what and he won’t allow anything to compromise it. Finally, when Vanessa was awakened in Season 1, Axel went on an exhilarating journey with her to fulfill his duty to protect her.