Van Helsing S02E03: “Love Bites”

It is 1936. Julius begs Mother Agatha to give him a few more days to settle his account. He says his mother is everything to him and that she’s all he’s got. But the nun warns him that if he will not pay by morning, his mother will be discharged to his care. He then talks to his bedridden mother and promises that everything will be okay.

Julius fights in a boxing arena. He loses the match, while Dmitri watches. Julius now demands payment from a man for throwing off the fight, just like what the man asked. But the man stabs him instead. Julius then falls to the ground. He asks for his mother’s forgiveness, knowing that this will be the end of him. But Dmitri arrives. Julius asks for his help. Dmitri obliges and bites Julius.

Julius, now a vampire, visits his mother. He bites her hand, turning her into a vampire. Mother Agatha enters the room. Julius tells her that God will not be taking his mother tonight, but it is still wise for the nun to pray. Julius’ mother leaps from her bed and attacks the nun.

Back to the present, Dylan is suffering. Julius offers to help, but Vanessa refuses. He insists saying he needs to atone and that he wants to protect Vanessa and Dylan. Julius explains that young vampires must feed constantly, or else they die. He asks Vanessa why she has not tuned her daughter back to being human. She can’t, Vanessa answers. Julius offers Dylan to feed on him. He swears he can’t be turned back into a vampire anymore. Dylan feeds on Julius, but his blood grosses her out. She says it tastes like rat blood.

At the Triage, Mohamad is fighting off a fever. Jolene informs Flesh and Lucky that donating blood is mandatory. Flesh is hesitant. Mohamad warns him that he cannot go around telling people what he used to be.

Doc and Axel’s journey is not turning out well. Axel tries his hardest to control his urge to feed. He does not like Doc’s idea of feeding off of her to survive. 

At the Juvenile Detention Center, a group of juvenile delinquents is on their way to punish one of their members for his inability to kill a feral. A mysterious man observes them from a distance. The black young man receives ten lashes as punishment. He falls to the ground. The mysterious man enters the facility. One of the youngsters asks him who he is. He reveals his face and answers “I am Sam. Sam I am.”. Sam attacks the group. They shot him, but Sam, strong as he is, manages to trap them all in one of the rooms. Sam then finds the punished boy.

Elsewhere, Vanessa sees a man on the road trying to fix a broken van. She approaches him from behind and points an ax on his neck. “I’m not gonna hurt you, but you have to come with me.”, she said. The man agrees. She brings him to Dylan. Upon realizing that Dylan is a vampire Daniel begs for his life. Vanessa calms him down. She tries to make him understand what she is doing and promises not to kill him. But Daniel pulls out his gun and shots Dylan. Vanessa panics and quickly cuts his throat. She then feeds him to her daughter. Daniel’s kids call for him. Vanessa is in disbelief.

Back at the Triage, people are lining up to donate blood. Lucky convinces Flesh to just get it over with. Flesh says he cannot and reveals his secret to her.

Sam discovers Felix’s wounds. He orders him to take off his sweater and to lie on the floor. Sam then draws a smiley face on his shirt with blood. Now, Felix looks just like Mohamad. Sam is happy and hugs him.

Mohamad scolds Flesh for telling his secret to Lucky. Lucky, Jolene, and some armed men come to pick up Flesh for questioning. Flesh realizes Lucky has betrayed him.

Daniel’s kids still call out to him. Vanessa listens from a distance. Julius then arrives. He then realizes that Vanessa killed a person for Dylan. But Dylan needs more blood to heal. Vanessa plans to kill Daniel’s kids, as well. Julius stops her and tells her that she cannot become what he was. Vanessa orders him to take the kids somewhere safe.

Lucky visits Flesh in his cell to apologize for what she did. She tells him she does not believe the promised land in Denver. Flesh answers that Vanessa is going there, and she should go there, too. He tells her that he is never getting out of the Triage.

Axel tries his hardest to get himself together.

The trapped juvenile delinquents ask for Felix’s help. Felix opens the door. But Sam grabs one of the boys by the neck and closes the door. Sam teaches Felix to be like Mohamad.

Julius comes back for Vanessa and Dylan. Dylan is not healing. Vanessa is left with no other choice. She bites Dylan and turns her back to being human.

vanhelsing_s02e03 love bites

Lucky then rescues Flesh from his cell. Jolene catches them, but Lucky knocks her out. They then take Mohamad and run to the woods, away from the Triage.

The morning comes. Vanessa, Dylan, and Julius happily play with the snow. Dylan excitedly waits for the sun to rise. The sun rises, but it burns Dylan. Vanessa runs to Dylan and holds her while her daughter slowly turns to ashes. Vanessa’s scream of agony is so loud it can be heard from miles away. Her scream awakens a sleeping elder.


Dmitri emerges from his bloody bath fully healed. Antonasia joins him. She assures him that all that he wishes, all that he desires, she will provide — even Vanessa.

Back at the citadel, the survivors are running to the woods where the resistance field hospital is located.

Vanessa and Hohamad now have Dylan. They try to escape from the citadel.

The survivors arrive at the Triage. Raul and Jolene discuss what to do next. Doc attends to one of the wounded. Jolene thanks Doc for saving a lot of people in the resistance. They talk about a town called Crooked Falls, a place that is supposedly above the clouds. Doc shares about herself. How she lost everything and everyone she cares about and about finding a purpose, a chance to start over.

A little girl arrives at the Triage. Doc sees her. It’s Callie. Doc asks her how did she make it this far alone and what happened to the others. She tells her what happened to Catherine. Callie asks about the hospital in Seattle. Doc shushes her. She tells her not to talk about the hospital, Seattle, or Axel. That whatever she knows, whatever she thinks she knows, she keeps it to herself. She made Callie pinky swear.  

Mohamad leads Vanessa and Dylan into the woods. Vampires howl from a distant. Dylan howls back.

Raul shows Doc the fridge. He informs her that four pints of blood is missing. She demands that she explains why. Doc cannot. He then instructs her to keep a close eye on the fridge. Someone is not who they seem, and he is finding out who.

Vampires come howling in Vanessa’s direction. An army arrives with Antonasia. Dylan runs to Antonasia, but Vanessa stops her. Mohamad insists that Vanessa should run and take Dylan while he holds the army off. She obliges and grabs Dylan. Mohamad runs out of ammo and fights hand in hand with the army. A knife plunges through Antonia’s head before she could kill Mohamad. A mysterious ninja appears and kills the rest of the army.  

Vanessa drags Dylan to a barn. Dylan begs her mother to feed her. Vanessa wants to but refuses because it could hurt her daughter.

Callie walks in the dark toward a cave in the woods. She puts a bag of blood on the ground. A vampire grabs it and then feeds on it.

Flesh and Lucky found the injured Mohamad. Mohamad narrates to Flesh what happened to Vanessa and that there’s someone else searching for her. He insists that Flesh should go find Vanessa. Flesh refuses to leave him alone to die in the woods.

Doc approaches Jolene while on guard duty. Jolene thanks Doc for saving Carl’s life. A noise startles them. It’s Callie bringing in two dead rabbits. She claims she caught them all by herself.

The next morning, Doc follows Callie to the woods. A dead rabbit lies outside the cave. Callie puts down two bags of blood in exchange for it.  Doc asks her what she is doing. Callie explains that he could not let the vampire in the cave die and that ferals would have gotten to her had he not saved her. A vampire storms out of the cave. It startles Doc. Doc brings out her rifle and warns him to back off, or else she will kill him. The vampire looks at her. It is Axel. Doc, horrified by the sight, drops her gun and runs. But Axel catches up to her. She begs him to let her go. He demands that she get all the blood and brings them to him. Doc refuses. Axel then threatens her and demands that she help him find Vanessa.

Doc takes all the blood in the fridge and puts them in a cooler. Jolene catches her and expresses her disappointment. Doc explains that she has to make amends for what she’s done and for the person she’s been. Jolene accuses her of stealing to sell the blood. She then realizes that Doc is giving them to a vampire. Doc tries to explain that she’s the reason why he became a vampire and that she can’t walk away from that. Jolene pulls her gun out and points it to Doc. Doc reveals all her lies and explains that it is the only way she knows to save herself. She walks away. Jolene cannot pull the trigger.

Vanessa wakes up and finds Dylan looking at the sun. It is not burning her. They rekindle fond memories together. A vampire howls from a distance. Dylan runs, but Vanessa tries to stop her. Dylan then cuts her mother’s throat and runs away.

Doc and Axel are on their way to find Vanessa.

Vanessa’s wound heals, and she regains consciousness. She then runs after Dylan. Dylan meets with Julius. Julius holds her hostage.

Callie tells everyone at the Triage about Doc. Raul finds out that Jolene let Doc go. He then orders the rest of the resistance to find and kill Axel and bring Doc back alive.

Flesh and Lucky decide to go to the Triage to save Mohamad instead of finding Vanessa.

A feral attacks Doc. Axel watches while she screams for help. The feral gets hold of Axel’s blood supply.

Vannesa catches up to Julius and Dylan. A ferocious fight ensues. Vanessa then ends up biting Julius. He then turns back into being a human. He thanks Vanessa for saving him.

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Somewhere far from the chaos, a woman rolls small maps to Crooked Falls and ties them to red helium balloons. Her companion asks her what she is doing. She explains that with the mountain crosswinds, helium balloons can travel for hundreds of miles. The further they go, the more survivors can find the maps and navigate their way to safety. The man asks him again, “what’s the point?”. She answers him that if he was down there, under the clouds, running for his life every day, he’d want to know if there’s somewhere safe to run to.  But the man believes that vampires have killed everyone and rounded up everybody else to keep as food. He is convinced that there is no one running around down there. The woman asks him, “what’s wrong with hope?” and releases the balloons.

Back at the citadel, Rebecca holds Dylan. Vanessa talks to Dylan, telling her not to be afraid. Dylan answers coldly, saying she is not afraid. Vanessa tells Dylan to walk to her and promises that she will be safe. Rebecca whispers to Dylan. Dylan then accuses Vanessa of leaving her alone to die, and that Rebecca was the one who came for her and she’s the one who cares for her now. The disheartened Vanessa attacks Rebecca. A fight ensues. Vanessa brings Rebecca by the window as the sun rises. The sun starts to burn Rebecca’s face. Dylan attacks Vanessa, knocking her out.

Vanessa regains consciousness. She looks for Dylan. A feeder attacks her, but she kills it with her bare hands. She continues to look for Dylan.

Somewhere in the citadel, Flesh is fighting off vampires while looking for Vanessa. He meets a woman fighter named Lucky.

Taka holds Dmitri at gunpoint. Dmitri tries to negotiate with him. Taka tells him he wants Rebecca to make her pay what she did to him. The injured Rebecca overheard their conversation. She convinces Taka to kill Dmitri. Before Taka could kill Dmitri, Antonasia stabs Rebecca from behind. Dmitri grabs Taka by the neck and removes his throat with his bare hands. Antonasia tells the heavily injured Dmitri to feed on Taka while he is still warm. Dmitri does what he’s told.

Mohamad finds his sister Sheema pinned to the floor by a big pile of concrete. Mohamad tries to remove the concrete, but it is crushing Sheema. She tells him to just leave it. She asks Mohamad to find Rebecca and Dmitri and bring them to her. Sheema insists that it is the only way. Mohamad cannot believe her. She explains that ever since she was brought to the citadel and was given things, she wanted to become one of them, and it is all she thinks about anymore. Mohamad shakes his head in disbelief. Sheema begs him. He is left with no other choice but to stop her. Sheema dies in his hands. Vanessa arrives at the scene. She tells Mohamad that what happened to his sister is payback for what he did to her.

Flesh and Lucky are on the quest to blow the citadel’s generator.

Vanessa finds Dylan fighting off some men from the Resistance. Dylan kills one of them mercilessly. Vanessa tries to calm her down. Mohamad startles Dylan, and she took off. Vanessa punches him in the face and follows her daughter.

Dmitri and Antonasia escapes through a secret passageway.  

Dr. Shelomenko finds Rebecca’s body. He runs to his laboratory and burns his papers. Flesh and Lucky arrive. He pretends to be a victim, leads them to the stairs to the boiler room, and locks them there. Flesh and Lucky head down to the boiler room and succeed on their plan.

Vanessa and Mohamad look for Dylan, but they could not find her because the citadel is like a maze. Vanessa bites Mohamad and drinks his blood. It centers her, she explains. She can now smell Dylan.

Lucky and Flesh meet some men from the resistance. They find Taka and Brendan’s body. They then followed the trail of blood down the secret passageway.

Dr. Shelomenko looks for Dylan. He finds her hiding place and tries to calm her down. The doctor promises her that there will be no tests nor experiments today. He offers to take her to Rebecca and gives her blood to feed on.

Elsewhere, Julius hears the news about the citadel. He decides what he will do next.

Lucky’s group walk right into Antonasia’s trap. Only she and Flesh survive.

Vanessa finds Dylan captured by Dr.Shelomenko. The doctor reveals to Vanessa that Dylan cannot be turned into a human again because he experimented on her and altered her. He convinces Vanessa that Dylan will not survive without him. Dylan bites his hand. Vanessa shots him before he turned into a vampire. Before he takes his last breath, he warns Vanessa that if she bites Dylan, her daughter will die, too.