missy peregrym as scarlett harker

Melissa “Missy” Peregrym is a Canadian actress and former fashion model. Missy Peregrym was born in Montreal, Quebec, on June 16, 1982, to Rev. Darrell Peregrym, a Pentecostal minister, and Vanessa Peregrym, a housewife. She currently resides in Vancouver with her family. She is married to Australian actor Tom Oakley in Los Angeles on December 30, 2018. Their son, Otis Paradis Oakley, was born on March 21, 2020.

Missy Peregrym began her professional career at age 18 with the Lizbell Agency. Her agency then encouraged her to do commercials. She did commercials for Mercedes-Benz, Sprint Canada, and the Olympic Games.

She made her acting debut in an episode of Dark Angel in 2000. Her film debut was in 2006 when she played the lead role in Stick It. She had her first lead television role on The CW series Reaper from 2007 to 2009.

Her big breakthrough came in 2010 when she landed a lead role in Canadian television series Rookie Blue in the role of police officer Andy McNally. The series ran for six seasons. In 2013, she won a Streamy Award for her role in the web series Cybergeddon. In 2017, she started playing the role of Scarlett Harker, a recurring character during Season Two, and one of the main characters in Season Three on SyFy’s Van Helsing.  In 2018, Peregrym also began her role as Agent Maggie Bell in FBI, a series on CBS.

Missy Peregrym as Scarlett Harker or Scarlet Van Helsing

Scarlett Harker, also known as Scarlett Van Helsing, is Vanessa Van Helsing’s long-lost twin sister.

When the sisters were separated at age 5, Scarlett was raised by the Harkers. She was trained to be a vampire slayer. Scarlett did not believe it until a vampire came to kill her when she was a teenager. She then had to fake her own death so she could prepare for her destiny.

Missy Peregrym - Scarlet Van Helsing

Before reuniting with her sister and mother, Scarlett was a lone-wolf survivor of The Rising. She is an excellent combatant, highly skilled with her katana, and is fiercely independent-minded, thanks to the Harkers who prepared her well for the doomsday. Unlike everyone else, Scarlett found her purpose in The Rising. She is good at hunting and killing vampires.

Everything changed when she met her twin sister Vanessa. Vanessa’s bite woke her dormant vampire abilities. She becomes capable of curing vampires with her blood. She heals instantaneously, can see in the dark heals, and has enhanced hearing abilities. Scarlett, however, does not drink blood like Vanessa. She also cannot resurrect herself as her sister does.

Scarlett stabbed herself to cause the dark in Vanessa’s heart to go away so that Vanessa would have the motivation to kill the last elder, Sam.


Aleks Paunovic is a 6-foot-5-inch ruggedly handsome actor from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He was born on June 29, 1969, to parents of Croatian and Serbian descent. He came from a family with three generations of boxers. Before his acting career took off, Paunovic was a champion in amateur boxing. He was also a member of a rock band since he was 16 years old. In fact, his being in a rock band opened the doors to his acting career. He was performing with his band in 1994 when he was asked to audition for an HBO film called Heads. Not only was it his first on-screen appearance, but it also marked the start of a successful career.


Paunovic appeared in multiple shows, such as Stargate SG-1; Cold Squad; The Crooked E: The Unshredded Truth About Enron; Saved; Smallville; Whistler; Battlestar Galactica; and Eureka. One of his most challenging and rewarding roles thus far is to put on 65 pounds to play the character of Tom in Personal Effects. Aleks Paunovic is best known for his roles as Rollin in Syfy’s Continuum; Gustus in The CW’s The 100; Julien Dupont in The CW’s iZombie, and as Julius on Syfy’s Van Helsing.

Aleks Paunovic as Julius

Aleks Paunovic portrays Julius, a recurring character in Seasons 1 to 4 of Van Helsing. Julius was a low-level vampire who cowers in the shadows and feeds on unconscious junkies, determined to maintain a low profile. After The Rising, he rose to the ranks and became one of the top vampires in Seattle. He became power-hungry, aggressive, and blood-thirsty. With his advanced speed, advanced strength, longevity, and super senses, he built his own community of vampires. Julius is terrifying and he instills fear to his followers so they obey his every command. He compels them to do things that he would never do himself. While Julius is powerful and strong, he is no match to his maker, Dmitri.

Julius was been reverted back into a human after being bitten by Vanessa Helsing. But he is no ordinary human because he becomes immune to the vampire bites, he heals from any injury very quickly, and he will resurrect every time he is killed. He then became Vanessa’s strong ally in fighting against vampires.