Van Helsing S03E04 sam mohamad

Van Helsing S03E04: “Rusty Cage” — Sam is back at the Juvenile Detention Center. He sits by the pool as he painfully reminisces about his time spent at the facility when he was a teenager. When his father left him at the facility, Sam begged him not to and promised that he will be good. Instead, his father told him, “You are not my son. You are evil.” His father told him he will never see him again. The teenager Sam got angry and bit off his father’s index finger. That’s when his signature of cutting off the victim’s finger began.  Sam laughs at the memory.

Somewhere on a train track, Ivory and Scab hide under a train car. Humans are hunting them. With no blood for days and the sun rising in the mountains, they are too weak to fight. A group of vampires arrives and rescues them. Scarhead promises he will take care of them with one little bite. Ivory stabs his eye and kills the others. Scarhead rises from the dead and grabs Ivory’s head. He tells her he is the new breed, and he is invincible. The dead vampires around them regenerate and rise again. Scarhead then bites Ivory in the neck while Scab watches silently nearby.  

Sam remembers how he was bullied during his stay at the detention center and how a guard protected him. A mysterious woman wearing a black veil called out to the teenager Sam and said it’s time to begin. In the present, the same woman appears and tells him it’s time to end. She tells Sam to find what he needs and that the one who stands by him must be worthy.

Sam approaches the very hungry Mohamad. Mohamad demands he needs to feed. Sam teaches him how to control his yearnings. “If you control and command yourself, you have power,” he says.

Memories of the past come back flashing. The guard teaches the teenager Sam how to weld. He tells Sam that he can protect Sam while inside the facility, but he has to learn to protect himself when he goes out.

Bullies run after Sam. He hides and kills them one by one. Sam makes a big pendant out of his bullies’ teeth. The guard discovers what he did. Sam then slits the guard’s throat using the pendant. The mysterious woman orders him to keep the pendant safe for the end.

Back to the present, Sam goes back to where he hid the pendant and retrieves it. “You have what you need, but the one you choose must be worthy,” the mysterious woman whispers.

Scab goes out of hiding and goes to Ivory. He thinks she is dead, but Ivory wakes up feeling a new power flowing within her. She offers to give him the power so they can return to the Sisterhood to rule together. Ivory comforts Scab as she bites him.

Ivory and Scab return to the Sisterhood, but everything is gone. Men burned everything to the ground, and only a few sisters survived. Ivory vows vengeance and gives the power to the sisters.

At the Johnsons’ camp, supplies are running low. Mike and Chad discuss whether to bring Felix to hunt for food.

Mohamad questions Sam’s method of teaching him the vampire ways. Sam brings him to the woods to hunt. “You must hunt with power and control,” Sam says to Mohamad as they watch a group camping in the woods.  Mohamad chooses a target. He pursues his target and pins her down. Sam stops him from feeding on her. “You will be worthy,” Sam mutters.

Mike and Felix head out to hunt for food. Mike tells Felix that hunting takes practice, patience, and control. They see a deer, but Felix is not comfortable killing it. His arrow did not hit the animal.

Back at The Johnson’s camp, Mike, Chad, and the kids are enjoying Ethan’s story. Felix arrives with a deer he hunted.

Sam and Mohamad arrive at the camp. The kids run to safety, except for one little girl who runs to the underground bunkers. Felix goes to save her. Mohamad then traps Felix at the bunker. “You’re the mouse. I wanna kill you, but I must not,” says Mohamad. Felix asks him if he is the new Mohamad. I’m the only Mohamad, he answers. Sam pulls Felix out of the bunker and locks Mohamad in. Mohamad calls for Sam. Sam answers him that he is now the mouse. Sam then bites Felix, making him a vampire. “He will stand by me. He will be worthy,” Sam tells Mohamad.

In the morning, Sam and Felix hunt for food the way Sam wants it. Sam throws away his finger necklace and replaces it with the one he got from the detention center. The mysterious woman appears and instructs Sam to bring what he needs and bring the one that is worthy. “It is time,” she says.

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Sam wreaks havoc at the Randolphe Juvenile Detention Center. Dead bodies pile up on the floor, all of them with a missing finger. He sings while he makes a necklace out of his finger collection.

Elsewhere, Vanessa ferociously fights against vampires. Julius is worried about her. She is out of control, and it will get them both killed, he says. Vanessa, however, disagrees with him. Julius points out her inability to deal with the pain of Dylan’s loss. Vanessa punches him on the face.

Back at the detention center, Sam forces Felix to learn sign language. Sam is having a wonderful time toying with Felix.

Axel and Doc are still looking for Vanessa. They don’t know where they are going, but Doc feels that they are in the right direction. Axel is not well, but still, he refuses to feed on Doc. His vampire instinct kicks in. Doc ties him to a tree.

Julius shares to Vanessa his fond memories as a boxer in 1936. They come across a gruesome and savage breed of vampires, the skinners. Julius urges Vanessa to run as the skinners are worse than ferals. But they fall on a trap, and the skinners catch them. The skinners then tie Vanessa and Julius.

Sam chooses from among the youngsters he locked up. He chooses their leader, Ryan. Ryan begs for his life. Sam punishes him ten lashes in the arms, just like what Ryan did to Felix. Ryan begs him to stop. Sam stops with the lashing and feeds on Ryan instead. The horrified Felix tells Sam he wants to learn sign language.  “Good boy. Mohamad.”, Sam answers and hugs Felix. Felix steals the key from Sam’s pocket.

Back in the woods, a skinner tastes Julius’ blood, but he does not like it and spits it out. Another skinner skins Vanessa’s back. Vanessa screams, but she heals instantly. The skinners wonder. A curious little girl arrives in their location and says hello. Vanessa commands her to run. She runs, and the skinners run after her. Vanessa manages to escape and follows suit. The little girl stops running. Arrows by kid archers kill the skinners. Vanessa then arrives. The little girl asks her if she is okay. The rest of the archers reveal themselves. Their leader introduces them as the Johnsons. They then bring Vanessa and Julius to their camp. The camp is filled with fighter kids. Mike and Chad run the camp. Their goal is to take in any child they find and teach the children to survive. Julius is impressed, but Vanessa is suspicious.

The mysterious masked ninja is still following Vanessa’s trail.

Felix tries to escape. Sam then runs after him. He manages to lock Sam in the basketball court. He runs back to help the others, but Sam easily catches up to him.

Chad confronts Vanessa, saying that her negative energy can be contagious, especially around children. She accuses him of maltreating Troy. Chad vehemently denies her allegations and tells her that Troy got his scars from the very abusive group they rescued him from. But Vanessa isn’t buying any of it. He offers Vanessa to come with them during the supply swap with Troy’s former group to see for herself.

Sam shaves Felix’s head and calls him “My Mohamad.” Felix protests and insists that his name is Felix and not Mohamad. Sam stuffs his mouth to silence him.

Vanessa, Julius, and the Johnsons go to the trade meeting. But the other group is late. Vanessa decides to investigate. They arrive at the detention center. The pile of dead bodies welcomes them. Vanessa realizes it is Sam’s doing. Vanessa then finds Sam. He greets her with a devilish smile.

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At the vampires’ lair, Sheema navigates through the vents which lead her to Rebecca’s room.  After witnessing something horrible, she hurries to flee unnoticed. But Rebecca has already catch her scent.

Back at the hospital, Doc still cannot believe that she is now human again. Flesh inquires as to how she is doing. Flesh tells her that she is lucky she is spared from the horrors outside the walls of the hospital. He shares how Julius likes to kill people slowly and that it was how he became to. He also talks about how brutal ancient vampires are.

Flesh wakes up from a nightmare. He sees the dead Cynthia hanging by the ceiling. His scream gets everyone on their feet and runs to his location. Everyone is shocked that Cynthia committed suicide.  As Doc examines the dead body, she notices the index finger on the right hand was chopped off and is missing.

In a camp far away, vampires are enslaving humans. A fraction of the group called Resistance is planning to fight the vampires to gain their freedom. Sheema tells Campbell that she knows how to get into the vampires’ building.

Doc tells Axel that Cynthia did not commit suicide and that a killer is lurking among them. The fire alarm went off. Axel grabs a fire extinguisher and rushes to the stop the fire. Meanwhile, Vanessa is trying to open the hospital door, but she couldn’t. Mohamad arrives and offers to help her escape on the condition that she allows him to tag along.  Mohamad opens the door with the code he stole from Axel’s notebook. Vanessa and Mohamad then head out the door. Axel attempts to go after them, but Doc stops him. Axel breaks the news to Sam that Mohamad took left. Sam gets scared.

Vanessa and Mohamad arrive at Vanessa’s apartment to find out what happened to Dylan. They discover that Dylan made it out alive after Vanessa died.

Axel discloses to the rest of the group that Cynthia was murdered and asks who the killer is. Nicole accuses Flesh.  Flesh defends himself. John then accuses Doc and then Mohamad. Tension builds up as John screams at Sam. Axel says they cannot just pin it on Mohamad and that it could be anyone in the room.

Vanessa and Mohamad are now their way to the police station. A group of people is being attacked by ferals. Vanessa runs to their rescue. A member of the group is heavily injured. Their leader says they need a safe place to stay. Vanessa offers to take them to the hospital despite Mohamad’s opposition.

The ferals arrive at Julius’ camp and tell him that the woman they seek is near. Julius orders to capture her and kill the rest. Julius’ mother instigates that when they catch Vanessa, they will not surrender her to Dmitri. Instead, they should keep and use her for their advantage.

Brendan tells Vanessa what happened to their journey and about the rumors of safe havens down the coasts. Feeders then arrive. Vanessa volunteers to hold them and orders Mohamad to bring the group to the hospital safely and take care of the little girl Callie.

Back at the hospital, Flesh describes to the curios Sam how it was like to be a vampire. He shares how it happened and the changes he experienced, such as the increased strength, skin-thinning, heightened senses, and how his old injuries healed. Sam asks him if he misses it. Flesh could not answer.

Vanessa prepares for the vampire attack. The vampires fear her but she is outnumbered.

Mohamad and the group reach the hospital safely. Sam is happy is to see Mohamad and hugs him. Meanwhile, the vampires carry Vanessa back to Julius’ camp.