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Van Helsing S01E12: “He’s Coming” Overview

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Sam goes after Mohamad and Vanessa. Mohamad knows that Sam is afraid of water, so they cross the river to buy themselves some time. Sam pledges to find and kill them. Vanessa and Mohamad walk through the woods. Sam has to drink a rabbit’s…
Van Helsing - S01e11 last time

Van Helsing S01E11: “Last Time” Overview

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Julius holds Magdalene hostage for her failure to bring him the newborn. Magdalene tells him that the arrangement was broken by the woman he seeks. She offers to take Julius to Vanessa. Vanessa, Susan, Mohamad, and Sam arrive at Susan’s…

Van Helsing S01E10: “Stay Away” Overview

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Vanessa and the rest of the group are in the woods when a group of ferals attacks them. When they are about to be defeated in the fight, two archers come to help them. Their saviors bring them to a place called Eden. Eden promises them enough…
Van Helsing S01E09: “Help Out”

Van Helsing S01E09: “Help Out” Overview

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Vanessa maps the blood on the floor and wraps John’s body with a white sheet. Axel and Flesh arrive to help her out. Vanessa feels guilty for killing John. She justifies her actions and says that what she did is necessary. Axel agrees with…

Van Helsing S01E08: “Little Thing” Overview

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Sheema has earned her prize for agreeing to be Rebecca’s mole. She now has a room of her own at the vampire’s lair. Rebecca brings her to a delivery room filled with pregnant women. A woman is giving birth and screams as she delivers a…
Van helsing s01e07 for me

Van Helsing S01E07: “For Me” Overview

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At the citadel, Dmitri talks to Dr. Sholomenko about his experiments in his laboratory and Rebecca’s business with Sheema. A vampire spy reports to Dmitri on Julius’ failure to keep Vanessa and his plan on betraying Dmitri. Dmitri kills…
van helsing s01e06 Nothing_Matters

Van Helsing S01E06: “Nothing Matters” Overview

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Vanessa and Susan are trying to stay alive down in the sewers. The worst kind of feral catch up to them. While fighting it off, it bites Vanessa on the leg. She collapses after killing it. Back at the hospital, Callie and Catherine wander…

Van Helsing s01e05 “Fear Her” Overview

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Now at Julius’ camp, Vanessa is being dragged by the vampires. Julius’ mother notes that the vampires fear to hear. Julius comments that Vanessa could change them and that she will lead Julius to Rebecca and that Rebecca will lead him to…
van-helsing s01e04 coming back

Van Helsing S01e04 “Coming Back” Overview

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At the vampires’ lair, Sheema navigates through the vents which lead her to Rebecca’s room.  After witnessing something horrible, she hurries to flee unnoticed. But Rebecca has already catch her scent. Back at the hospital, Doc…
Van Helsing S01e03

Van Helsing S01e03: “Stay Inside” Overview

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On the day of The Rising, Julius creeps into a room full of sleeping junkies and feeds on one of them.  His skin burns whenever the sun hits him. Outside, the ashes from the volcano start to block the sun. Julius then lets out his hand,…
Van Helsing s01e02 seen you

Van Helsing S01e02: “Seen You” Overview

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It is 2016, Vanessa is selling her blood at a blood clinic for a few extra dollars. Dylan waits for her outside. Newsflashes about a volcanic eruption near Yellowstone National Park. Meanwhile, a vampire who has stolen blood from the clinic…
Van Helsing S01e01 Help Me

Van Helsing S01e01: “Help Me” Overview

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It is 2019, three years since “The Rising” began and civilization has fallen. Only whispers of a human savior have given mankind hope. Vanessa “Sleeping Beauty” Seward lies on a hospital bed. She has been sleeping for three years now.…
Christopher Heyerdahl as sam

Christopher Heyerdahl as Sam

Christopher Heyerdahl is an award-winning Canadian actor born in British Columbia on September 18, 1963.  He is of Norwegian and Scottish descent. He studied at the University of Oslo and can speak Norwegian. Heyerdahl plays the character…
Trezzo Mahoro

Trezzo Mahoro as Mohamad

Trezzo Mahoro is a Rwandan actor born on July 18, 1996. He now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. His mother was a single parent, and he has younger siblings. There is little to no information available on his personal life. It is, however,…
Van Helsing season 2

Van Helsing Season 2 Overview

We start where we left off in Season 1. Dmitri’s citadel crumbles in chaos as Vanessa searches for her daughter. Vanessa tracks and rescues her genetically-engineered hateful vampire daughter from Dr. Shomoloke. On their way out of the citadel,…
abaraham van helsing

Abraham Van Helsing: Everything You Need To Know

Abraham Van Helsing is a character best known throughout many adaptations of the classic vampire story Dracula as a vampire hunter and the archenemy of Count Dracula. Let’s learn more about Abraham Van Helsing: Where is Abraham Van Helsing…

Aleks Paunovic as Julius

Aleks Paunovic is a 6-foot-5-inch ruggedly handsome actor from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He was born on June 29, 1969, to parents of Croatian and Serbian descent. He came from a family with three generations of boxers. Before his acting career…
axel miller-vanhelsing

Jonathan Scarfe as Axel

Jonathan Scarfe is a Canadian film and television actor born December 16, 1975, to actor parents Alan Scarfe and Sara Botsford in Toronto, Ontario. He married actress Suki Kaiser on August 30, 1998. They have two children. Career After…

Van Helsing Season 1 Overview

The Van Helsing Season 1 story revolves around Vanessa Van Helsing who is humanity's last hope to save it from the vampire-stricken world. In 2016, the volcanic eruption at Yellowstone Park caused ashes to block out the sun making the world…

Kelly Overton as Vanessa Van Helsing

Kelly Overton was born on August 28, 1978, in Wilbraham, Massachusetts, USA. Right out of high school, she moved to New York City and studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She graduated with the highest honor, The Charles Jehlinger…